Exclamation Points

We don’t want to seem like we’re yelling at our audience, so use exclamation points sparingly. Stick to one per content piece or product interface, and only if it’s appropriate. Never use more than one at the end of a single sentence. If you want the reader to get excited about something, use your words.

We help teams and athletes win!

Don’t add an exclamation point just for fun.

Congrats! You just invested in Hudl for your entire athletic department.

Do add one to convey the importance of a message, or to celebrate with your reader.

There are two clear-cut moments where the exclamation is a no-brainer:

  • What we’re telling them is really going to change their life. Not in the marketing this product is pretty awesome” sense, but in the this could be our biggest release of all time” sense.
  • The message preceding the exclamation is beyond important and we need to make sure they realize the sig­nif­i­cance. As in, they’re about to delete something forever, make an irre­versible change or spend $1 million.
Last Updated: 5 May 2020 at 2:10pm CDT