At some point (maybe not since school), you’ve prob­a­bly used the ol’ dot dot dot.” This punc­tu­a­tion indi­cates the dele­tion of one or more words when you’re con­dens­ing quotes or oth­er texts. Just remem­ber to be care­ful not to delete any­thing that could dis­tort the mean­ing of the sentence.

“Hudl is a company that helps sports teams.”

“Hudl is a company [...]”

Don’t remove the primary meaning of a quote.

“Hudl is a company that helps sports teams.”

“Hudl […] helps sports teams.”

Do use ellipses to shorten quotes when they have unnecessary words.

An ellip­sis can also be used to indi­cate a thought you (as the writer) don’t com­plete for empha­sis. However, we don’t rec­om­mend using them for this pur­pose as it can get con­fus­ing for the read­er. Try an em dash instead.

Last Updated: 19 May 2020 at 3:39pm CDT