Places, Names and Proper Nouns

Lowercase direc­tion­al indi­ca­tors except when they refer to spe­cif­ic geo­graph­ic regions or pop­u­lar­ized names for those regions.

That High School is Southeast of Hudl HQ.

Don’t capitalize cardinal directions.

That high school is in New England, near our Boston office.

Do capitalize geographic regions.

We don’t cap­i­tal­ize words like fed­er­al, state, depart­ment, divi­sion, board, pro­gram, sec­tion, unit, etc., unless it’s part of a for­mal name. In the same vein, we only cap­i­tal­ize com­mon nouns like riv­er or street when they’re part of a prop­er name.

Your Athletic Department has Hudl.

Don’t capitalize common nouns.

Absolute Volleyball Club has nine teams on Hudl.

Do capitalize formal names.

One more for you: Capitalize the word room” when used with the num­ber of the room or when it’s part of the name of a spe­cial­ly des­ig­nat­ed room (e.g., We’ll be in Room 212,” or You’ll stay in the Lincoln Room”).

The first time you men­tion a per­son, use both their first and last name. When ref­er­enc­ing them again, you can use only their last name, if appropriate.

We fol­low AP Style for people’s titles. Capitalize for­mal titles when they appear before a person’s name. FYI: A for­mal title is one that denotes a scope of author­i­ty, pro­fes­sion­al activ­i­ty or aca­d­e­m­ic activ­i­ty (e.g., Vice President, Dr., etc.)

Informal titles are ones that just describe a person’s occu­pa­tion (e.g., coach). Lowercase these titles, as well as any that appear with­out a person’s name, fol­low a person’s name, or are set off before a name by commas.

If a title applies only to one per­son in an orga­ni­za­tion, it’s okay to use the word the” if the title is set off by commas.

Angus Smith, the baseball coach at Lincoln South, added Hudl Assist for this season.

In short, prop­er nouns are spe­cif­ic names for a per­son, place or thing. We cap­i­tal­ize these. For instance, we’d write Bellevue East High School because it’s the name of a spe­cif­ic high school. (You’ll notice I didn’t cap­i­tal­ize high school” just then, since it’s only a com­mon noun at the end of the sentence.)

When it comes to Hudl, only our prod­ucts are treat­ed as prop­er nouns (e.g., Hudl Assist, Hudl Sideline, Hudl Focus). Features with­in those prod­ucts are not prop­er nouns (e.g., break­down, playlist, clip).

Last Updated: 19 May 2020 at 3:32pm CDT