Headlines, Subheads and Body Copy

We follow the Chicago Manual of Style for headlines. The key takeaways:

  • Headlines with up to five words should be title case with no end punctuation.
    • Seriously, never include a period at the end of a title case headline.
  • Headlines with six words or more should be sentence case, and punctuated appropriately.
    • The Hudl Blog is an exception, we always used title case for blog headlines regardless of length.
  • Always capitalize the first and last word of a headline.
  • Don’t capitalize prepo­si­tions (e.g., in, on, about, below).
  • Capitalize pretty much everything else, including:

This isn't A good Headline

Don’t capitalize prepositions or articles.

This Is a Better Headline

Do capitalize everything but prepositions and articles.

A Long, Complete Sentence Is Quite Common

Don’t add title case headlines with six or more words.

Common? Not this one.

You can use sentence case to emphasize a message in marketing copy.

A subhead is any headline that follows under the main one. Use sentence case. Again, complete sentences get a period, while fragments don’t.

Body copy is always sentence case with appropriate punctuation. Easy as that.

Check out how to write effective headlines for blog posts, modals and more.

Last Updated: 27 May 2020 at 9:39am CDT