Calls to Action

We use a few dif­fer­ent for­mats. Calls to action in but­tons are always title case. These should be short (two to three words), action-ori­ent­ed phras­es. Avoid pro­nouns when possible.

Text with in-line links is anoth­er option. The hyper­linked copy can be longer than in but­tons, and you should try to link a phrase rather than just one word. If it’s a link with­in body copy, cap­i­tal­ize and punc­tu­ate appro­pri­ate­ly. If it’s an in-line link at the end of a sec­tion of body copy, use sen­tence case with­out end punctuation. 

In Marketing, we also some­times empha­size in-line link CTAs by hav­ing them on their own line after the rest of the copy — these are also for­mat­ted in sen­tence case with­out end punc­tu­a­tion, or with an arrow symbol.

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Don’t capitalize an in-line link.

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Do hyperlink the entire action phrase.

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Don’t put a period on a floating text link.

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Do use sentence case for floating text links, and add an arrow symbol if it's marketing copy.

Last Updated: 4 Jun 2020 at 4:16pm CDT