Your,” My” and Personal Pronouns

You’re writ­ing CTA but­ton copy to encour­age a user to cre­ate an account. Should you say Create Your Account,” Create My Account” or just plain old Create Account”? Well…it depends.

Personal pro­nouns are okay in mar­ket­ing head­lines like Meet Your New Cameraman.” And it fol­lows that the CTA at the end of that piece of con­tent might be Reserve Your Camera.” Both of those are per­sua­sive con­tent that’s speak­ing direct­ly to the cus­tomer in a con­ver­sa­tion­al way.

But once the cus­tomer fills out the form to reserve said cam­era, the CTA at the bot­tom of the form is now part of trans­ac­tion­al con­tent. It should be suc­cinct, and as clear as pos­si­ble about the action the user is tak­ing. Reserve Camera” is appro­pri­ate for that button.

If you’re not sure what’s appro­pri­ate, leave off the pronoun.

Product micro­copy avoids per­son­al pro­nouns because it’s large­ly trans­ac­tion­al con­tent. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant in our nav­i­ga­tion — it’s nev­er Your Account” or My Account,” it’s just Account.”

Read John Saito’s excel­lent post for a sum­ma­ry of the issue.

Last Updated: 26 May 2020 at 2:44pm CDT