Meta Titles & Descriptions

A page’s meta information is the first impression you get for that page. It’s displayed in your browser tab, and in any relevant search results or social shares for that page. When writing a meta title and description, it’s important to be descriptive. We want our users to immediately understand what content they’ll find on the page they’ve clicked on.

Craft users: In the CMS we use, it’s called the OG (open graph) title and description. 

This is the page title that shows up in your browser tab and in search results. 

A few things on formatting:

  • Titles should be around 60 characters (use this tool to check your title)
  • Format it as Page Title | Hudl”
    • Other optional extensions: Hudl Blog, Hudl Support, Hudl Academy

Like the meta title, but with more details. This copy should be written like an adver­tise­ment to encourage users to click on the link. You’ll see it when a page is shared on social media or in Slack, and you’ll sometimes see it in Google search results.

As far as formatting goes, just keep the character count under 160 characters.

Last Updated: 4 May 2021 at 12:51pm CDT