Lists are great! They can:

  • Make con­tent more digestible.
  • Help you clar­i­fy your own thinking. 
  • Simplify infor­ma­tion into clear, suc­cinct points.

(See what we did there?)

Here, have anoth­er one. Make sure you fol­low these rules when writ­ing lists:

  • Keep a con­sis­tent gram­mat­i­cal struc­ture. Either use all frag­ments, or all com­plete sen­tences. (Most lists have com­plete sen­tences, which require end punc­tu­a­tion.) If you start your first bul­let with a verb, make sure the oth­ers fol­low suit. (This is called par­al­lel struc­ture.)
  • Have at least three points in your list. Otherwise, just use plain body copy. 
  • If your list is one of sequen­tial steps, use num­bers instead of bullets.
  • When writ­ing emails, keep it to one bul­let­ed list per email. (Otherwise the for­mat­ting can get wonky.) 
Last Updated: 20 May 2020 at 10:56am CDT