Contractions help keep things human and con­ver­sa­tion­al. Use them liberally!

Some reminders:

  • It’s” is a con­trac­tion of it is” or it has.” The pos­ses­sive form of it” is its.”
  • The con­trac­tion I’d” can mean I would” or I had.” Reserve the apos­tro­phe d” for con­trac­tions of would.” (Using it for had” is less com­mon and the mean­ing could eas­i­ly get lost.)
  • You’ve got and we’ve got” are unnec­es­sary. They’re no dif­fer­ent than just have.” Leave got” out.
  • Avoid con­trac­tions when try­ing to empha­size a point. Words that are vital to the mes­sage shouldn’t be contracted.

Your invoice is not yet paid. It is due tomorrow.

She’d completed the drill.

Don’t use contractions for the verb “had.”

I haven’t done the drill yet.

Do use contractions to be conversational.

Check out this sec­tion for more on the pow­er of the apostrophe.

Last Updated: 20 May 2020 at 10:54am CDT