Best Practices

Accessibility & Inclusion

We aim to write for everyone, meaning our content must always be consumable in a number of different ways.

Active vs. Passive Voice

In sports, you need to be assertive — and the same goes for writing. Here’s how to keep your language punchy and avoid the passive voice.

Your,” My” and Personal Pronouns

In general, we like to avoid using pronouns. But exceptions can be made for some touchpoints. Here’s when and how to use them correctly.


Using plenty of con­trac­tions is a simple way to keep things human and conversational.

Greetings and Farewells

Greetings and farewells have a real impact on the feel of an email. Find out how to open and close or when to opt for a CTA instead.

Organization, Team and Event Details

We write about orga­ni­za­tions, teams and games a lot — go figure! To keep those details consistent across our entire content ecosystem, follow these guidelines.


We like to stick to just a few formats for bulleted and numbered lists. Read on to learn about parallel structure and how to properly punctuate list items.

Parallel Structure

Parallel structure helps your sentences flow, keeps information consistent and clarifies each item in a list. (Just like that!)


In-line links and CTAs are formatted differently. This section covers all the details on both.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Think of the meta title and description as the first impression visitors get of our web pages. We want to be descriptive and follow specific formatting guidelines.