Guidelines for Every Touchpoint

Whether you’re a full-time Hudl writer or someone who just needs to write as part of their job (who doesn’t?), this resource is for you. It’s our single source of truth for all writing guidelines across every touchpoint and platform — from top-level paid ads through the sales process, into the product and down to our support content.

We’ve been around the block a time or two. Here are some topics that Hudlies usually have questions about. 

Here’s a whole section explaining why. Want even more? Here’s additional info about commas in general. Knock yourself out.

Lucky for you, we break it all down in our team-specific sections.

Namely, use parallel structure, and don’t have more than one list in a marketing email. Read through the full guidelines here.

Consistency is key here. Check out our list of preferred words to use uni­lat­er­al­ly across all content.

Not finding what you need, or something seems amiss? Fill out our change request form.

Just need some friendly neigh­bor­hood writers to help out with something? Hop into #writing-at-hudl on Slack and we’ll be happy to assist.

Last Updated: 26 May 2020 at 3:18pm CDT