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Hudl pro­vides coach­es and ath­letes from teams at every lev­el a secure plat­form to upload and share video, share feedback through notes and draw­ings, ana­lyze stats, communicate, and cre­ate cus­tom highlights.

Hudl Assist is an add-on breakdown ser­vice offered to American foot­ball, basketball, global football, volleyball, lacrosse and ice hockey teams. Coaches send in their game video and get key team and individual stats in 24 hours or less.

Hudl Focus is a smart cam­era sys­tem that makes filming in a gym completely hands-free. It ful­ly inte­grates with a team’s account to read sched­ules for auto­mat­ic record­ing and uploading.

Hudl Instat is a leading performance analysis service in football, basketball, and ice hockey. Hudl Instat’s tools make it easy to assess performance, understand the game and identify talent. Coaches, analysts and athletes can assess player actions and link stats to relevant playlists, making them easy to watch and share.

Hudl Replay gives elite teams the ability to track data and review video live, enabling coaches and analysts to spot­ key trends and make imme­di­ate adjustments.

Hudl Sideline is a wire­less instant replay solu­tion allow­ing American football coach­es to make in-game adjust­ments from the side­line or press box.

Hudl Sportscode is a cus­tomiz­able analy­sis pro­gram teams use to eval­u­ate per­for­mance and the spe­cif­ic insights that mat­ter most to them.

Insight allows analysts to auto­mat­i­cal­ly generate customized information, leveraging multiple angles of video, event and tracking data in one place to enhance tactical and recruitment decisions without the need for manual coding.

Recruit gives col­leges and uni­ver­si­ties unob­struct­ed access to the most com­pre­hen­sive video library avail­able, fea­tur­ing full games and high­lights across foot­ball and basketball.

Studio is a telestra­tion feature offered to global football customers in Hudl Sportscode Elite. Users can quickly add pro­fes­sion­al, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in their video packages, all within one ecosystem of products.

Volleymetrics uses key insights from the world’s most elite orga­ni­za­tions to pro­vide in-depth analy­sis to vol­ley­ball coach­es and ath­letes at every level.

WIMU is a seamless fusion of innovative hardware and software to optimize player performance and elevate the game. This cutting-edge technology captures human performance data, positioning data, and more, with unwavering precision, giving teams a winning edge.

With the largest glob­al data­base of foot­ball video and data, Wyscout offers tools that make it easy to under­stand the game, iden­ti­fy and assess tal­ent, and eval­u­ate performance.

The Hudl endorsement tagline is a value statement used to build credibility and trust with audiences by aligning acquired products with the larger Hudl product family.

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