We use photography to show actions and emotions associated with Hudl. We aim for a singular focus with high-contrast and depth so the attention is where it belongs — on the subject, not their environment. (Unless of course the subject is the environment.)

Photography can vary in expression so we’re able to highlight every moment in sports.

Action photos show the subject participating in a sport and focuses on the physical action. When in motion, subjects are crisp without any blurring.

Coaching moment photos show the interaction between a coach and athlete, or coach and staff. One or more faces are visible.

Product photos show the subject experiencing Hudl. They're using Hudl or its suite of products and the device is in focus.

Emotional photos show the subject’s raw emotion. These focus on the celebrations, exhaustion, anger or intensity of the game.

Environment photos show the area surrounding the event, school or organization.

Film review photos show teams reviewing games in a classroom, on a TV or on a device. These situations are portrayed best when the coach, athletes and video are all in the photo.

Hudlie photos show Hudl employees working on the front lines with our clients. Ideally, the Hudl brand mark or full logo is visible.

Personnel photos show the various subjects involved in a sport, without the action of the sport. These are essentially portraits or headshots of coaches, analysts, parents and athletes.

Recording angle photos show the environment of a game or match during the time of play. These photos represent the best angle for recording video at varying levels of scale.

Spectator photos show fans engaging in the game, most often people in the stands or cheerleaders and dancers.

Last Updated: 18 May 2020 at 4:25pm CDT