Product and Service Application Logos

Just like the parent logo, product and service application logos are direct and timeless. These aren’t changed any more often, so consider them set in stone.

If you’re looking for down­load­able versions of these logos, you want this page.

These logos are a combination of the brand mark, wordmark and the brand extension (i.e., the product and service). The wordmark is built using the typeface FF Daxline Pro in bold while the extension uses FF Daxline Pro in regular. They should only be used on material specific to that cor­re­spond­ing product or service. 

Always display the brand mark, wordmark and brand extension side by side, never stacked. And that brand extension should never be used alone.

Don’t stack the brand extension name with the Hudl logo.

Don’t use the brand extension name alone.

Do keep the brand extension name side by side with the Hudl logo.

Products with their own app separate from Hudl also have their own app icon lockup. The app icon can be used with the brand extension name or alone. However, the Hudl wordmark is never used between the app icon and the product or service wordmark.

Don’t pair the app icon with the full brand extension logo.

Do use the app icon with the brand extension within marketing materials or webpages where the Hudl parent brand is already present.

Do use the app icon alone.

Brands with a separate platform keep their original logo with the suffix Powered by Hudl” to indicate their position within the Hudl family.

Last Updated: 7 Apr 2022 at 9:15am CDT