American Football

You Dominate the Gridiron, We’ll Handle the Highlights

Creating killer highlights is easier than ever, because now we do it for you.

Football teams have long had the ability to create eye-popping highlight videos through Hudl. It’s a simple process that creates buzz and hype for teams and helps athletes get recruited. The only way it could be easier is if we did it for you.

And now we do.

Here are the videos you can expect this season:

  • Game recaps
  • Athlete recaps
  • Athlete end-of-season recaps
  • Athlete commitment videos
  • Best-of-state

Game Recaps for Your Team

What it is: A two-minute highlight reel of your team’s best plays from the game. We include team stats, player stats, player photos and play descriptions.

What we need:

  • Your Video
    • Make sure your video is under “Game Footage” in your library.
    • Your game should be in one playlist, not split across two or three playlists.
    • Your playlist should have at least 50 clips (a full game).
    • Make sure your highlights are public. If they’re private, we’ll still make you a video, but only your team will be able to view it.
  • Your Data - the breakdown data we need before we can make your video:
    • ODK
    • Play Type
    • Result
  • The following breakdown data isn’t required, but it makes your video even better:
    • Passer, Rusher, Receiver
    • Gain/Loss
    • Quarter
  • Other Recommendations:
    • Link the correct playlist from your game to the Stats page.
    • Add a final score for your game on the Stats page, in your schedule, or when you upload the video.
    • Make sure your players have profile pictures in Hudl.
    • Add your team logo and school colors to your team page.
    • Include audio. The louder the celebration, the more exciting the play.

Game Matchups for Your Team

What it is: A one-minute hype video featuring your team and your upcoming opponent. We take video from the last time you faced off against that opponent and create a video to psych your team and fans up for Friday’s game.

What we need: Link your opponents in your schedule.

Game Highlights for Your Athletes

What it is: A 15-second video featuring your player’s best play of the game. We add a player photo and some sweet effects to make it pop.

What we need: Tag player numbers in the passer, rusher, and receiver columns of your breakdown data.

End-of-Season Highlights for Your Athletes

What it is: A two-minute video featuring an athlete’s best plays of the season.

What we need: Tag player numbers in the passer, rusher, and receiver columns of your breakdown data.

Announcement for Athletes Signing With a College

What it is: This is a one-minute video announcing where your player has signed to play in college. We make these videos for D1 and D2 colleges.

What we need: You don’t need to do anything! We’ll automatically make this video for your player.

Best Plays from Your State Every Week

What is is: A series of six videos every week with the best plays in the state. We make videos for offensive and defensive touchdowns, kickoff returns, punt returns, passes and runs. These videos are based on the yardage gained in the play, spotlighting the longest plays of the week.

What we need: Make sure your G/L, Play Type, and Result data is entered for your big plays and that your video is public.

All these tags can be made live or after the game, or you can just let us handle the heavy lifting through Hudl Assist. Either way, you should have a killer highlight to share with fans within within hours of the game’s conclusion.