What’s New with Assist for Basketball

New season, new updates—we’ve made improvements to Hudl Assist for you and your team.

With a new pricing structure, new analytics and a smoother submission process, we’ll help you reinvest your time where it matters.

New Pricing Structure

We have three new unlimited Assist packages to give you easy access to stats and reports for a competitive edge. Rather than purchase an Assist breakdown for every game of the season and postseason, simply sign up for an unlimited package to receive stats when you need them most. Don’t worry about saving credits for the postseason, or jumping through the hoops with your billing department for more breakdowns. Pay once and access Assist all season.

If two or more teams at your school to sign up for Assist, we have discounts available on our 24-hour packages. Simply choose the package that makes the most sense for your team—you’ll save time and get the stats and insights to improve as a team.

New Stats and Updated Reports

We’ve added new data to take your stats and reports to the next level—sideline and baseline out-of-bounds. You can easily filter video by sideline out-of-bounds (SLOB) and baseline out-of-bounds (BLOB) plays to analyze your team’s efficiency. Save these filtered clips as a playlist to share with your team during a review session or for athletes to watch on their own.

We also added plus-minus and lineup data at the end of last season. Plus-minus shows how the team performs when a certain player is on the floor. It takes you beyond points, rebounds and other traditional stats to provide a more complete picture of a player’s contributions.

Lineup data is another insightful stat. Sometimes chemistry is easy to spot from the sidelines, but it’s always useful to have the data to back it up. With lineup data, you can sort through different stats to find your most effective combinations and how they fit your current need.  

Use this new data on your advanced reports to analyze your team and opponents for impactful game and practice plans.

New Submission Workflow

We also made the submission process quicker and easier. Simply select the game or scout video you want to send and it’ll be on its way. Plus we added the ability to submit multiple games. Submit all the video you have on your upcoming opponent at one time, instead of selecting each game individually.

When you submit, there’s also a new dropdown to select the athletes who played in the game. This helps us correctly tag those athletes, instead of your point guard who graduated last year, but is still listed on the roster.

Get your team signed up or renew Hudl Assist to save valuable time this season.