Video Helps Veteran Coach Speed Up His Scouting Process and Improve His Team

The time-saving benefits of Hudl’s video exchange allowed an Ohio coach to get to his breakdowns much faster, leading to a big season.

Brett Norris can still recall the painstaking lengths he went through to acquire scout video not so long ago. The process was so painful he at times questioned if it was even worth it.

He had to get the other coach on the phone and establish a meeting place. Either he or an assistant would drive to said location, exchange VHS tapes and trek back. Hours vanished down the drain before his breakdowns even began.

That was before Norris, now the coach at Hilliard Bradley High School (Ohio), found Hudl. Then everything changed.

“To click a button versus making a phone call, getting in the car and drive… the amount of time that we save is pretty remarkable,” Norris said. “I’ve been at this for 20+ years and (Hudl has) simplified our world for certain. It has saved us many, many man hours compared to how we used to do things. It has been invaluable for our success for sure.”

Those scout videos played a big role in Hilliard Bradley’s 24-2 record last year. Norris and his assistants surgically dissected the game, on the hunt for any cracks in their opponent’s armor.

“We kind of treat things like football coaches. We’re looking for tendencies,” Norris said. “We’re looking for alignments for any keys that we can gather that will help us recognize their play packaging or anything significant to the way they’re successful. We’re also looking at what they do defensively and what tends to trigger their defensive packages. From there, it’s individual tendencies. Who are the guys that maybe we can provide more support off of? Who are their top options, and what is it that they do that makes them successful? That can alter how we guard them individually.”

It’s not just the coaches that dive into the video — Norris highly encourages his players to watch often. He sets aside time early in the year to teach the Jaguars how to view video correctly, instead of hunting just for highlights or watching as a fan would. The staff helps by putting together playlists with notes and drawings to drive home certain points.

The players have embraced the video, and Norris monitors which players watch the most. He encourages them not only to scout upcoming opponents, but also to check themselves.

“A lot of it is the detail of watching themselves and being able to accept the truth. The film isn’t going to lie. Sometimes you think you’re execution level is better than it really is. Can they tell themselves the truth?”

Video has been a valuable tool throughout Norris’ entire career. He was more than willing to go to great lengths to acquire it, but Hudl made the process a breeze. He saves time and equips Hilliard Bradley’s coaches and athletes with more information.

“If film study is really a big part of your program, time is so precious,” Norris said. “It’s not only saving time, but also allowing us to be as smart with our time as we possibly can be.

“There’s not another thing that we have, obviously other than the people, that’s more important than what we do with Hudl.”

Hudl drastically altered Norris’ weekly workflow, which allowed him to get to his scouting sooner and with less effort. See the benefits for yourself. And for to save even more time, check out Hudl Assist, the powerful service that breaks down your games for you.