Track Your Goals with Hudl

Track your team goals with­in Hudl for a sol­id grasp on your progress and achievements.

Track Your Goals with Hudl

Track your team goals with­in Hudl for a sol­id grasp on your progress and achievements.

We’ve heard from our users that set­ting and track­ing goals is a key part of coach­ing. It’s vital to know how you com­pare to your oppo­nents, as well as your cur­rent progress on any sea­son goals you’ve set.

Every good staff has team goals. Not talk­ing about win­ning a cham­pi­onship. Maybe it’s lim­it­ing pos­ses­sions. Maybe it’s rebound­ing. It’s those stats or those goals. You have sea­son goals and indi­vid­ual game goals.” Farron Evans, Gardner-Edgerton High School girls basketball coach

If you already use Hudl to tag your games, you can now track those sta­tis­ti­cal goals in tan­dem with team and play­er reports. Our new Goals tab makes it easy to gauge how your team is pro­gress­ing, mak­ing it eas­i­er to cre­ate, share and mon­i­tor achieve­ments through­out the season.

We’re focused on indi­vid­ual and team goals because that’s how we’re going to get better.” Farron Evans

These goals have been divid­ed into two types: com­par­a­tive and numerical.

Com­par­a­tive Goals

Com­par­a­tive goals enable you to direct­ly eval­u­ate your stats against your oppo­nents. Sim­ply select two stat types with greater than, less than or equal to options. Say one of your team goals is to always have a low­er turnover per­cent­age than your oppo­nent. Set a goal say­ing Our TO% is less than our opponent’s TO%,” save it, use Hudl to track your stats, then check in as the results from each game auto­mat­i­cal­ly update that goal’s progress.

compare goals

Numer­i­cal Goals

Set a goal around a sin­gle num­ber or per­cent­age, essen­tial­ly judg­ing your team against itself. For exam­ple, you want a free throw per­cent­age of 60% or bet­ter in all of your games. It works the same as your com­par­a­tive goals: cre­ate and save the goal, then tag your games with the Hudl app for those results to auto­mat­i­cal­ly update your progress. With the help of those num­bers, you can now focus on how to help your team reach its goal.

numerical goals

You’ll see your Goals tab from the Reports page when you’re logged in to Hudl from a com­put­er. The Xs and check marks make it easy to see whether or not your team met a giv­en goal in the last game. Hov­er your mouse over the sym­bol to see the exact num­bers – no extra work or cal­cu­la­tions on your part.

goals page

Ensure your entire team is on pace with the options to share and print. Decide a goal you cre­at­ed is no longer nec­es­sary? Delete it with a cou­ple of clicks.

All teams on the newest ver­sion of Hudl can start cre­at­ing and mon­i­tor­ing their goals today. Want to see these goals in action? Check out our tuto­r­i­al.