14 Ways to Get the Most out of Technique This Season

Haven’t recorded a video in awhile? We’ve revolutionized how you record and review video live at practice.

14 Ways to Get the Most out of Technique This Season

Haven’t recorded a video in awhile? We’ve revolutionized how you record and review video live at practice.

We’ve spent a lot of time discussing how Hudl Technique helps coaches and athletes in individual sports, but it’s also worth noting the impact it can have on teams. As we approach the spring season, there’s no better time to get trained up on using Technique to your squad’s advantage. The following 14 tips should steer you in the right direction.

1. Check the new recorder

Haven’t recorded a video in awhile? We’ve revolutionized how you record and review video live at practice. As soon as you record a video, you can instantly play it back with the full set of tools. When you’re done, jump right back to record a new clip.

2. Try the new toolbox

Love drawing on your recordings? So do we. You can now customize your toolbox with the tools that you use most often, and we’ll remember them for quicker analysis down the line.

3. Sync your roster

We recently released a huge update for our users with a Hudl team. Link your Hudl account in Technique to tag and share with the teams, custom groups and athletes you’ve already added on Hudl.com. 

4. Auto-share when tagged

Skip the extra taps. You can choose to have videos automatically share once a user is tagged. Simply turn on the switch in your settings. This tutorial can tell you how.

5. Show players the bigger picture.

One of our favorite things about Hudl Technique is the ability to replay videos instantly and give feedback on the spot. Rather than huddling around a small screen, try capturing video using an iPad or larger phone to make reviewing easier for multiple athletes. For bigger groups, coaches will often mirror their screen onto a TV monitor using Apple TV, an HDMI connector, or USB.

6. Record your athletes and your feedback at the same time

With Hudl Technique, you can record voice and video simultaneously. Capture a QB’s throwing motion and offer your thoughts all at once, then just tap and share the annotated video. There’s no need to spend time reviewing and analyzing videos after practice when you can knock everything out in real time.

7. Watch athletes evolve

There’s no such thing as too much video, especially when it comes to tracking individual improvement. We encourage coaches and athletes to record every potentially important moment, including team formations and individual mechanics, from day one of the preseason all the way through the playoffs. Recording early and often will give you plenty of clips to compare and offer a full picture of just how far your team has come. Position videos side-by-side to show athletes (or remind yourself!) how their performance improves game to game, or even year to year.

8. Practice with the pros

Hudl Technique is stacked with a growing library of professional athletes for users to emulate. Use Hudl Technique’s comparison tool to view your player’s performance next to a pro’s. Seeing any technique alongside the best in the biz is a great way to make adjustments and improve. Use the “search” option in Community to find not only professional workouts, but additional videos submitted by other Technique users.

9. Import your roster for simple sharing

Technique users with an existing Hudl roster can import athletes in no time and make the sharing process even easier. Once players equip their own devices with Hudl Technique, they’ll be able to watch videos the second they’re shared - and you’ll get a notification anytime those shared videos are viewed.

10. Embrace frame rate options

Depending on what device you’re using to record, you could capture video at up to 240 fps (frames per second). Recording videos at such a high frame rate allows super slow-motion playback without the risk of becoming a blurred mess so you can zoom in on every detail. While it’s especially great for golf and baseball swings, that ability to pinpoint every high and low can help any athlete looking to make small but important changes.

One of the bites of recording that many frames-per-second? File size. The more frames per second, the larger the video, and your phone or tablet could run out of space sooner than you think. The key is to be aware and only use the high frame rate capture when you need it. If you’re recording a longer play or something that simply doesn’t need a super-detailed analysis, tap the FPS option and switch over to 30.

If you still find yourself regularly recording high FPS videos, our next tip should help.

11. Save storage space and sync with cloud backup

Reviewing videos recorded with a high frame rate can be helpful - we don’t blame you for wanting to do it all the time! But if you’re recording a lot and find your storage space eaten up, or have trouble switching between two mobile devices, we have a suggestion: By upgrading to Elite, you can back up an endless amount of video to the cloud, and sync video from multiple devices to one online location. (And that’s not the only perk Elite has to offer.)

12. Try the 10-second delay

Using a tripod to record when you’re working alone is simple enough, but you always end up with videos full of dead space before the action. For individual players looking to record themselves and get feedback, or for coaches looking to record their own form as an example, 10-second delay is the perfect tool. It gives you a brief window between pressing record and actually recording, so there’s time to get in position. Once you hit record, the app will countdown from 10, flash to indicate the recording has started, and leave you with a nicely trimmed video.

13. Add tags to organize videos

You can organize videos any way you want by adding tags like athlete name, position, play, or technique. We provide preset tags, but you can create custom terms to fit your needs. Tagging videos just after recording makes them even easier to find later, just tap the dropdown menu on your “Videos” page to sort by athlete or tag.

14. Connect with the community

Keep your profile up-to-date and reap the benefits - like suggested drills, coaching tips, and updates specific to your primary sport. An updated profile will also help you engage with the Hudl Technique community, allowing you to connect with other athletes and coaches.

Remember: Hudl Technique is available for free on iOS and Android. You can download it any time to get a closer look at the features above and determine whether or not your team could benefit.

Have questions? Shoot us an email - we’re always happy to help.

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