The Weekly Workflow: Your Guide from Hyde United

David McGurk, assistant manager at Hyde United, talks through his weekly workflow and how he uses video.

Having a formal analysis process is vital. A commitment to preparation helps keep staffs organized, and it will help your players reach success on the pitch. Assistant manager David McGurk of Hyde United explains how they use video analysis consistently during the week.

“The game is filmed on the Saturday, then uploaded to Hudl,” said McGurk. “I’ll then look at the game myself, I’ll go through the annotations and send them out to the players on the Saturday evening or the Sunday.

“The analyst looks at the game over the weekend as well. We’ve got a certain philosophy at the club—especially off the ball—and he will send all the key points and data over to me on the Monday.

“On the Tuesday we’ll go through those key points and data before the lads come in training, and anything that I think is relevant for the lads, I will use to speak to them on an individual basis.

“The clips that they (the players) will see relate to the training sessions I put on, so it compounds the knowledge that they’re getting.”

As a part-time club, Hyde trains twice per week, with games on Saturday, so it’s crucial for them to maximise their time with the players.

“By the time you get set pieces, tactical work in, and get your physical work in, video analysis gives you an extra session where the players can enhance their game” McGurk added.

Darren Kelly, Hyde’s manager, has no doubt about the value Hudl has provided.

“Hudl and video analysis help us hugely,” said Kelly. “It gives us the opportunity as a group and as staff to sit down and view the games and it’s been a big part of our success this season… and long may it continue!”

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