The Essential Checklist for Soccer Coaches

We have your go-to resource to help you max­i­mize Hudl’s soc­cer features.

The Essential Checklist for Soccer Coaches

We have your go-to resource to help you max­i­mize Hudl’s soc­cer features.

Here’s a check­list of every­thing you need to know as you pre­pare for the season.

Set up your roster.

A new sea­son will inevitably bring about ros­ter changes. Whether it’s new addi­tions to the team or grad­u­at­ing seniors, you’ll need to get in and update your roster. 

  • Use invite codes to add your play­ers. Just share the team code and link with your ath­letes. They’ll add their info and you can accept or decline their request.
  • Disable old accounts that are no longer active. 
  • Organize your ath­letes with cus­tom groups to make shar­ing videos and reports even easier.

Add the 2019 – 2020 schedule.

  • Set the 2019 – 2020 sea­son as your cur­rent sea­son on the Schedule page so it’ll load first when you’re using Hudl​.com or the Hudl app.

  • Add your sched­ule events so you can stay orga­nized this season. 

Get some help from Hudl Assist.

Save some time this sea­son by let­ting our team break down your match­es. Submit your video and with­in 24 hours you’ll receive stats for both sides of the ball.

  • Select your oppo­nents from the drop-down list on Hudl when you add your sched­ule. This helps us match your oppo­nent cor­rect­ly for faster turn­around times and more accu­rate stats.

  • Submit your match­es or scout video to Hudl Assist and receive all your stats with­in 24 hours. 

Make sure the bills are paid.

Not sure if you’re set for anoth­er sea­son? Want to get on your billing secretary’s good side? Pay your bill so you have access to Hudl when you need it most. 

  • Check Billing & Invoices on your account to down­load your invoice or pay your bill.
  • Pay with a cred­it card or mail checks to Hudl, 29775 Network Place, Chicago, IL, 60673 – 1775.

Have every team member download the Hudl app.

  • Encourage your team to use the Hudl app to review video you’ve uploaded from any­where to make sure they’re learn­ing from mis­takes and improv­ing their performance.

Pro Tip: You can record all of your match­es using the Hudl app! Exciting, right? Any coach with an iOS device can record and upload games or prac­tices direct­ly to their team’s account.

Get on the same page with Hudl messaging.

Communicating with your entire team or indi­vid­ual play­ers has nev­er been eas­i­er. You can eas­i­ly update work­out sched­ules and send tips to your play­ers and coach­es with­out fear of them miss­ing the message.

Plan your process for uploading.

There are two ways you can upload video to your Hudl account:

  • If you’re record­ing with a cam­era and upload­ing with a com­put­er, do a test upload to make sure there aren’t any issues.

  • Or record from the Hudl app and upload with a Wi-Fi net­work. Decide where you’ll upload your games, whether it’s at the school or at home, and be sure there are no fire­walls to block you. Give it a test run to get com­fort­able with the process.

Hudl iPhone soccer stat tracking app

Save time with live tagging.

Remember that Hudl app we told you to install? This is where it comes up big in the clutch.

Unlock your maximum potential with reports.

So I have all this data. Now what?”

  • Head on over to your Reports page. There you can see an overview of your team’s stats as the sea­son goes on. Want to see how many shots you aver­age per game? It’s all there on the reports page.
  • All of that data is linked to your video. Crazy, right? Simply click any stat to see the video of those moments. Here it is in action.

If you have any ques­tions, check out the tuto­ri­als on our Help Center. Best of luck this season.