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Takeaways from the 2017 Elite User Conference

Video coordinators and analysts from across the country got the chance to network with industry colleagues and learn from one another. Here were the key insights from the three-day event.

The role of video analysis is constantly evolving, so staying on top of industry trends and learning from peers is vital for the success of video coordinators and performance analysts at the highest levels.

Our annual Elite User Conference provides the perfect backdrop for gaining such knowledge, and the 11th edition did not disappoint. More than 100 attendees were able to network with industry colleagues, learn from one another and gain valuable Sportscode training.

The invite-only event, which was held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nev., featured Sportscode training and certification workshops, panel and round table discussions, and presentations from collegiate and professional video coordinators and analysts.

Here were the biggest takeaways from the event.

Understand before you can be understood.

Leading a team of diverse personalities and skill sets towards a common goal can be challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to get a good read on the challenges your colleagues are facing and your organization’s key objectives. Once that happens, implementing processes and painting your vision for your video staff becomes much easier.

Prioritize your workflows based on the "now" and the "why".

Game days can be hectic, so it’s important to limit your priorities to what will have the biggest and immediate impact for your coaching staff and team.

Anybody can analyze game video at face value, but digging into why things are happening can accelerate player development and help coaches devise effective strategies.

In addition to focusing on the “why” behind what’s happening on the playing field, you also need to prioritize coding and analyzing what’s happening that day. Looking ahead is required to developing proactive game plans, but everything you do is to dominate game day.

Fostering positive environments is a common thread among successful coaching staffs.

Regardless of what level of competition you are at, establishing an open-minded culture focused on empowering every team member is key to success.

Once that type of culture is established, communication becomes more effective and each member of the organization can adapt to any challenge.

Excel in your role and opportunities for advancement will present themselves naturally.

It’s natural to seek ways to enhance your personal profile, but the best way to take advantage of those opportunities is to dominate the role you’re in.

Make yourself multidimensional by chipping in on any needs that present themselves, whether it be directly related to your role or not. You’ll make yourself harder to replace and you’ll build your skill set.

The key truths in video analysis never change.

Technology may change, but there are certain constants that will always be prevalent for video coordinators and analysts.

According to our panel of analysts – which included Rich Kulefsky of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks, Matt Prefontaine of the Winnipeg Jets and Nick U’Ren of the Golden State Warriors – these constants are as follows:

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