Tag, You’re It: Five Candidates to Help Tag Your Games

We’ve compiled a list of easily-accessible candidates for you to designate as your tagger.

Tag, You’re It: Five Candidates to Help Tag Your Games

We’ve compiled a list of easily-accessible candidates for you to designate as your tagger.

Game days can be a hectic time for coaches. You’re fielding last-minute questions about your game plan and finalizing the perfect pre-game speech to motivate your team. 

Whether you coach football, soccer, volleyball or basketball, taking advantage of our live tagging options can save you and your staff countless hours. Gone are the days of data entry. But, unless you have a fairly large support staff, finding someone to tag your games can sometimes be a chore.

The good news? We’ve compiled a list of easily-accessible candidates for you to designate as your tagger. 

If you’re a coach that already has a designated tagger, awesome! Now you’ll have a list to reference when your tagger calls in sick or graduates.

So who exactly are these taggers just waiting to be called upon? Let’s start with the obvious.

Student Managers

They do everything from shagging down rebounds to making sure the team is hydrated, so why not ask your student managers to take a bigger role on game day?

Since they are familiar with all the players on the team, identifying which players to attribute stats to is a breeze and they’re more-or-less required to be at all your games. Sounds like a perfect tagging candidate to us!

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The A.V. Club

If your school happens to have an audio-visual club, hit up the club president to see if any members would like to help you tag games.

What better real-world video experience is there for students than recording a game and tying footage to specific moments in time? Alright, we may have made tagging live stats sound more glamorous than it really is, but the point remains: you benefit from having experienced videographers record and track your game and students benefit from gaining real-world experience.

Family Members

A family that tags together, stays together.

Reach out to relatives that have taken a great interest in your career and explain to them the value of the data they would be helping you collect on a game-by-game basis. Once they see how they could be directly affecting your team’s chances of winning and improving throughout the season, they’ll be more inclined to help out.

Asking your players if they have any family members that would like to help tag games is a great option as well as this could be a great way for them to stay in touch with relatives. Case in point, Glen Lee, head coach of the Lincoln Cardinals varsity girls basketball team (Oregon), shares game footage with one of his player’s grandparents for tagging.

The grandparent loves watching his granddaughter play, but he lives in San Diego. By helping Coach Lee tag games, he not only helps the Cardinals track stats throughout the year, but gets to stay connected to his family back in Oregon.

Aspiring Athletes

As with any high school, you have plenty of younger athletes that look up to members of the varsity teams.

Since these athletes have a great interest in your program, get them involved by tagging your games. They will get an inside look at the “varsity experience” and pick up on some of the game’s nuances that aren’t a part of lower levels of competition.

Feeling a little skeptical about this option? Don’t be. During our recent company field trip to Clarkson, NE, we learned that both Clarkson-Leigh varsity basketball teams have middle school students tag their games to great success.

In fact, students at this age can find the fun in what is often considered a tedious exercise as evidenced by the two sixth graders that tagged Clarkson-Leigh’s varsity boys basketball game. Whenever they had to tag a blocked shot, they would yell out “Block! Block! Tag it!”.

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Injured Reserve

Last but certainly not least, you can reach out to any players on your team that have been sidelined by injury. Unlike student managers, injured players don’t have any other responsibilities that can divide their attention.

In addition, tagging your games can help keep them engaged and make them feel like they are still contributing to the team (which they are!).

To learn more about live tagging, check out our support pages for football, soccer, volleyball and basketball or hit up our support team with any questions!

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