Check off these tasks to ensure your team is ready to dominate the 2021 – 2022 season.

Initial Setup

What is the recommended computer for Hudl Sportscode? 

  • Capture - 15”/16” MacBook Pro (2018+).
  • Viewing-only - 13” MacBook Pro (2018+ or M1 chip).
  • For more information on computers, check out our recommendations

What macOS should my computer be on?

  • Big Sur is our only supported macOS as of September 1st, 2021.
  • Pro Tip: if you’re still using macOS Mojave, we recommend converting any packages, databases, organizers, or sorters before upgrading to Big Sur.

How to download and install Hudl Sportscode?

  • Download Hudl Sportscode here.
  • Register your license, following these steps.
    Pro Tip: we recommend going to 'Sportscode > Check for updates' every few weeks as we update the software with new features and bug fixes. You can select “Automatically check for updates” on this screen to have Hudl Sportscode check for updates when launched.
  • To deregister licenses, follow these steps.
    These can be used to transfer licenses between computers.

    Pro Tip: remember to keep a record of your licenses and who is using each one.

Capture Setup

What hardware to use for capture?

  • AJA U-TAP (HDMI or SDI) is our recommended capture device. You’ll need an Apple USB-C to USB 3.1 adapter.
    Pro Tip
    : have a spare of all necessary cables.

Check out our recommendations on what hardware to use for capture.

Can I still use my Blackmagic Mini Recorder to capture?

  • We no longer support Blackmagic Mini Recorders as a viable option for capture. 
  • The following are known issues with Blackmagic Mini Recorders:
    • Audio out of sync
    • Instance alignment
    • Issues with capture timeline

How to set up capture with AJA U-Tap? 

  • AJA U-Tap device is plug and play (capture), check here for more information.

Can I use an IP camera to capture?

  • Yes, you will need to have an RTMP, RTSP, or RTP IP address to do this. Check out this page to learn more.
    Pro Tip: talk with your IT department to assist with retrieving these feeds or if it is possible with your current equipment. 

Follow these best practices for the best capture experience.

Video Acquisition

How do I get my video into a package/timeline?

  • Check out this tutorial which includes a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

    Can we import Synergy files into HSC?

    • Yes, but this feature is only available in Sportscode Pro Review, Pro, Elite Review and Elite.

    Code Windows

      How can I create a Code Window?

      Do you have an example Code Window I can have?

      • No, however, we have an in-depth course you can sign up for. Ask your Customer Success Manager about how to sign up for this.

      How to create an Output Window?

      • Through basic scripting, you are able to produce efficient Output Windows to display your data. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn more about the most common scripting workflows.

      Other Helpful Links

      Transition from Sportscode v11

      Useful Resources

      • Step-by-step guide: check out this guide with all the steps to be taken when transitioning from v11 to Hudl Sportscode.
      • Webinar: this dedicated webinar will guide you through every step in the process.

      Can I convert my package from v11?

      New Features

      Open from Hudl

      • This feature allows you to download video from Hudl directly to a Hudl Sportscode package, saving time in current workflows and sharing videos with your team.

      Open from Hudl League Exchange

      • If your team has access to a League Exchange, you can use 'File > Open from Exchange' to download video into a Hudl Sportscode package without adding it to your Hudl library. Learn more here.

      Find Window

      • Use the Find Window to easily locate instances, groups, or specific labels from a single timeline, a database, or a folder containing multiple timelines. You can also select instances in the Find Window and send them to a Sorter or Organizer.
      • Navigate to the Find Window by clicking on 'Edit > Find' or pressing Command + F.

      Multi-game Analysis in Hudl Sportscode

      The latest release of Hudl Sportscode includes the ability to run a Code Window in report mode across all timelines in a folder or a custom selection of timelines. Read this article to learn more.


      How do I upload packages from Hudl Sportscode onto Hudl?

      How do I set a season? 

      • Check out this tutorial on how to add a new season to your schedule. 

      How do I manage who is on my team?

      • Check this tutorial on how to add admins, coaches, and athletes to your team so that they can easily watch practice sessions or the Hudl Sportscode Film you have uploaded. 

      Download the Hudl App

      We encourage you to have athletes and coaching staff download the Hudl app so they will have access to the videos anywhere they go, including the ability to set specific videos offline.