We heard you. It’s now easier than ever to host digital video review sessions.

“Can you see my screen?”
“You didn’t catch that? I’ll go back.”
“It’s lagging behind for you?”

You probably miss gathering around the TV or projector with your team in-person to break down film. You probably miss it even more when you host a digital video review session, try to share your screen, and all your players see is slow, choppy video.

If that’s you, get excited about the new feature we’ve been working on to make virtual coaching easier. Now while you’re on a video call, you and your players can open a separate browser, navigate to Hudl, and watch the same video at the same time. All from the comfort and safety of your own homes.

Use any teleconferencing tool

When you’re ready to start a video review session, pull up your preferred teleconferencing tool. Zoom, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting—they’ll all work. Then have everyone open up Hudl on their computers and navigate to the same video to watch together. It’s that simple.

Smooth, seamless video for everyone

Slow, choppy video is a thing of the past. When you host a review session on Hudl, there’s no need to share your screen on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Now each team member can watch the same high-quality video at the same time through their personal Hudl account. 

“This is a big improvement. The clarity of the picture and being able to identify things.” Nathan Smith, assistant varsity women’s basketball coach at Ballard High School (Iowa)

Control playback for the whole team

You might be wondering, “How can they see what I’m doing if I don’t share my screen?” We’re glad you asked. As soon as you start a session on Hudl and share the link with your team, they’ll see what’s happening on your end on their own computer. When you rewind, their video rewinds. When you skip ahead five seconds, their video skips ahead five seconds. You get the picture.

Teach with text and drawings

They’ll also be able to see effects you previously added to the video, so get creative with your visual feedback before you meet. Use arrows and spot shadows to point out the open donut to your outside hitter or call out the need to switch on a backside screen. Pro tip: Make your video review session efficient by using the “Next” button to jump from one effect to another.

Review all types of video

Whether you want to analyze your team’s last game, scout an opponent or dig into the details of a playlist, you can. The option to host a review session is available in the video player for all content types.

We're excited to see your teams take advantage of this feature not only during COVID-19, but also outside of it. "This is something we would've used every week had we still been in our season." Dave McIntyre, Kitchener Waterloo Predators Volleyball Club (Ont.)

It’s currently available for all users on the latest version of Hudl. Check out these steps to see how it works, then log in to your account to start a session. (Those of you on the gridiron, stay tuned—we’re dropping something similar for you this fall.)