Reclaim Your Day: Assist Provides Much-Needed Down Time

Hudl Assist is proving to be a major time-saver for one Missouri coach.

Reclaim Your Day: Assist Provides Much-Needed Down Time

Hudl Assist is proving to be a major time-saver for one Missouri coach.

David Cook found himself with an unfamiliar asset last Sunday afternoon - free time.

As the head coach at Herculaneum High School (Mo.), Cook’s fall weekends are typically booked with review of Friday’s game and preparation for the upcoming week. However, Cook submitted video from Herculaneum’s opener to Hudl Assist and received a fully-tagged game with complete stat breakdowns. With all the stats in hand, Cook was able to enjoy some rare and much-appreciated family time over the weekend.

“Sometimes during the weekend I spend the whole weekend with the computer on my lap working on stats or getting ready for the next week,” Cook said. “Anyone that coaches football knows you don’t have a lot of time for yourself. It is an absolute time saver and it’s well worth what you spend for it.”

Prior to this experience, Herculaneum never ran full scout breakdowns during Cook’s tenure. With a five-man staff responsible for the varsity and JV squads, Cook and his assistants didn’t have the time to fully review opponents’ games, so they’d typically settle for one half.

With the time Assist gives him back, Cook is able to break down all of his opponent’s previous contest, leading to a more accurate game plan.

“This will give us a lot more time to spend on what kind of scheme the opponent is running. And once you run those reports and all the information is in, you can really have a good scouting report to share with our players.” David Cook, Herculaneum High School head coach

It’s not just speed that has Cook impressed - Assist’s accuracy is also on point. Cook said he usually has to go through the video four or five times to check for statistical errors, but Assist’s reports make that task unnecessary.

And with a new wealth of information in his grasp, Cook will be able to craft more detailed game plans than ever before.

“We’ll look at run-pass ratios. When are they going to run and when are they going to throw? Where were they at as far as down and distance on the field? When you break down a scout defense, it’s not quite as in-depth as the offense, so now I get to look at the front.

But as far as the offense, having that data that says, ‘Was it a run or was it a pass? What side of the field did they run to?’, those things are already there for us. It really helps us be a little more detailed in what we’re doing for the entire game.”

Cook is still a very busy man. His profession ensures that life will always be hectic, and down time will remain a rare commodity.

But Hudl Assist gave him some freedom back, allowing a few pockets of time to spend on his personal life.

“It’s tremendous,” Cook said. “All we have to do is go in and watch the film. We’re not having to look at, ‘What hash mark are they on? What yard line are they on?’ They do all of that and that really saves our guys a lot of time.”

Don’t have enough hours in your day? Let Assist help. Give it a shot.

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