PGC Basketball: Win The Bounce

Let PGC Basketball teach you how to win the first dribble on an offensive or defensive possession with this drill.

Great offensive players and great defensive players all share a common trait - both possess an aggressive mindset that focuses on winning the point of attack when the offensive player first catches the basketball. They know that winning the first dribble on any offensive or defensive battle will influence who wins that possession.

In this week’s drill series from our friends at PGC Basketball, your players will battle on both offense and defense right at the point of attack in an effort to control the first dribble of an offensive attack.

Win The Bounce

During this drill,  offensive players will improve at the point of attack by working on their first-step quickness to beat a defender with just one dribble. Meanwhile, defensive players will work on two key defensive skills from various closeout angles: 

  • Taking away the offense’s shot.
  • Winning the first dribble by staying in front of the offense.

The in-game correlation is simple. If a defender gets beat on the first dribble, then the rest of the team is forced to immediately help and rotate; but by winning the first dribble, the defense can stay set and be successful at a higher rate.

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As with all the drills in this series, we’d love your feedback! Comment below to let us know what you thought of Walk It Out Rip Series. For additional training tips and videos from PGC Basketball, visit their YouTube channel or find them on Facebook and Twitter.