New Ways to Filter Your Data

<p>Apply your Sportscode labels and codes as filters in Hudl to quickly find and review key moments in your video.</p>

Our goal is to make it easy for teams to uncover insights from their video and analysis. Being able to quickly filter through data to find important moments in your video can save valuable minutes of review time and hours over a season. In Sportscode, this is simple to do using the matrix. But if a member of your team doesn’t have a Sportscode license, they don’t have a great way of accessing video or reviewing performance.

To help, we made a few improvements to the way you interact with video in Hudl. Now you can customize the way you filter codes and labels as you review. 

Anyone on your team can apply filters to the video they have access to. And because your analysis is all online, that video can be reviewed anywhere at any time.

Educate more with Hudl.

Once you reach the video you want to review, our drawing tools allow you to create shapes and lines to highlight teachable moments. You can also message other members directly through Hudl and start a conversation around your video from any device.

In the next couple months, we’ll also bring filtering to Hudl’s iOS and Android apps as well as enabling you to create playlists directly from your filters. 

If you don’t see these updates the next time you upload Sportscode video, contact your support rep. Interested in adding Hudl to your Sportscode workflow? Let us know.