New Volleyball Partners Bring Reports to Life

<p>Connect your volleyball stats with video on Hudl to take your team to the next level.</p>

Analyzing stats, like winning, is a team effort. That’s why we’re teaming up with your favorite apps to connect your stats to video. Our new partners include AOC VBStats, iStatVball 2, Volleyball Ace, and SoloStats Live.

By the fall season, stats from these apps can be uploaded to Hudl and matched with game video. The stats will tell you what needs to improve while the video shows you how to fix it.

Spot trends with in-depth reports.

Once your stats are in Hudl, the real fun begins. In-depth reports are automatically generated from your tagged video to save you time analyzing every game. You can track trends over multiple games in a season, or hone in on a specific athlete in a single match. And don’t forget to prepare for your opponents by digging into their weakest rotations and most frequent errors.

All coaches and athletes on your team can access these reports on the web. Select any team or player stat to filter out specific moments, and you’re one click away from watching those plays.

Video is the ultimate teaching tool.

Athletes improve faster when they take learning into their own hands. With Hudl, you can share your stats and videos for players and coaches to review from home. When you import those stats from any of our new partners, you give your team the confidence to study smart and develop as players.

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