Show off Your Game with the New Athlete Profile

We’ve completely revamped athlete profile pages on Hudl - giving you the power to customize it just the way you like it. Check it out. 

Our crew has been hard at work behind the scenes to build you some new digs. We’re rolling out our brand new profile pages on Hudl, allowing you to visualize your sports journey like never before.

Make it Your Own

Gone are the days of default cover photos and profile pictures. We’re giving you the ability to customize your profile with your own avatar and cover photo. Think your Twitter avi is pretty dope? Download that picture and upload it to your Hudl account. Heck, download your cover photo while you’re at it and add it to your new profile.

You have the power now, so get creative and show off your game.

Tell Your Story

The timeline is a whole new way to visualize your best moments on the field. All of your highlights will populate on your profile as your create them.

We know there are some serious ballers out there. Create a highlight with your sickest plays and share them out. With our new reaction emojis, you’ll see just what the world thinks about your finest moments.

If you think it’s that good, submit it to our team on Twitter using #HudlTop5. Don’t forget to mention @BWW. Tell ‘em we sent you.

Build Your Following

We want you to showcase your game to the world. So once you’ve customized your profile to your liking and added a few sick highlights, share it out on social media for your friends and family to check out. You can even add it to your Twitter bio (we hear that’s a great way to get noticed.)

Want to keep tabs on your buddy who plays across town? Give him a follow on Hudl. When he shows out on the field, you’ll see his highlights in your feed when they get created. Of course, people will be searching for you, so share your profile with your friends and have them follow you, too.

Get Started Now

Log on to your Hudl account and start by adding a profile picture and a cover photo. Then, pop on over and edit your basic information. Add your vitals and you’ll see it on your public profile.

Soon, you’ll have the ability to add a brief bio so you can tell the world a little about yourself. Remember to keep it clean - you never know who’s watching. Be on the lookout for an update.  

Get at us on Twitter, @Hudl, and show us your new page. We’ll RT some of our faves as you share them. Who knows, maybe we’ll send you some swag.