Introducing: New Messaging Tools

Communicating with your team just got a lot easier.

Introducing: New Messaging Tools

Communicating with your team just got a lot easier.

Communicating with your team just got a lot easier.

Our lat­est update allows you to send and receive mes­sages with indi­vid­ual coach­es and ath­letes, cus­tom groups or the entire team right in Hudl. It doesn’t mat­ter if you’re on a com­put­er, phone or tablet, con­ver­sa­tions sync across all devices to keep every­one in the loop.

Keep conversations private

You choose who receives a giv­en mes­sage. Start one thread with an indi­vid­ual play­er, just to dis­cuss last week’s per­for­mance, and anoth­er with coach­es to plan tomorrow’s practice. 

You can also com­mu­ni­cate with cus­tom groups, cre­at­ed the same way you’d put togeth­er the seniors or starters to receive a spe­cif­ic playlist. If you only need to mes­sage three or four peo­ple, open your ros­ter and add them one by one.

The best part? With our new mes­sag­ing tools, all team com­mu­ni­ca­tions live in one spot. Before, some con­ver­sa­tions were had via email while oth­ers relied on tex­ting. Now, every­thing is done in Hudl. And with the option to do it all from a com­put­er or mobile device, there’s no rea­son those con­ver­sa­tions should ever leave Hudl.

Contact anyone at any time

As men­tioned above, coach­es and ath­letes have the pow­er to send and receive mes­sages from any com­put­er or mobile device. This is a huge shift from our old mes­sag­ing, which was only avail­able on desk­top and did every­thing through email.

While email noti­fi­ca­tions are still a thing, in-app alerts and push noti­fi­ca­tions have been added to the mix. Whether your ath­letes are at home study­ing on a com­put­er, or run­ning around with only their phone, they’ll know about every new mes­sage the sec­ond it’s sent.

This comes in espe­cial­ly handy when prac­tice gets bumped a full half-hour and you only have 45 min­utes to let every­one know.

Send relevant external links

If there’s a last-minute playlist every­one should check out before the big game, just copy the URL and paste it into your mes­sage. Or maybe an ESPN arti­cle or YouTube video reit­er­ates your last les­son in prac­tice per­fect­ly. Include the link in the next team mes­sage you send and your text will auto­mat­i­cal­ly hyperlink.

Attach important files

Our final fea­ture avail­able to Gold and Platinum sub­scribers is file shar­ing. You can attach team doc­u­ments, work­out plans or per­mis­sion slips to any mes­sage, whether it’s going to one play­er or the entire team.

Upload any file from your desk­top, and recip­i­ents can open it, regard­less of the device they’re on. It can be down­loaded and print­ed for a par­ent sig­na­ture, or read right from the device itself.

Start Messaging

Log in to Hudl on desk­top to find the enve­lope near your name in the top-right cor­ner. On mobile, you can find that same icon in the menu. Start by intro­duc­ing your play­ers and coach­es to mes­sag­ing and lay down the rules for keep­ing the sub­ject mat­ter focused on Hudl.

If you still have ques­tions, check out our FAQ.