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Coach Stone’s In-Season Coaching Tips: Hudl Reports Help Streamline Practices

Anthony Stone explains how tendency reports can help coaches craft a game plan and frame practice.

Coaching has changed a lot over the years. Some of my strongest memories are the long hours that went into preparing and strategizing for an opponent. When I first started coaching, all the coaches would gather in a meeting room to watch film on a projector or computer and take notes on paper. Hudl Reports have completely changed that—now I can quickly streamline a whole week’s practices. Time is precious, so this makes a huge difference in my life.

John Cacciatore, my head coach at Rockford Boylan High School, says the same thing after every game, “You have until midnight to enjoy the win or be down about the loss.” Once that time arrives, you focus on the next opponent.

Here’s the team’s typical schedule after a game:

Monday—Review and Introduce

  • Get treatment if needed.

  • Review video from Friday’s game and generate in-depth reports.

  • Introduce the new opponent and discuss strategy based on tendencies found in the reports.

  • Practice and begin installing the game plan.

Tuesday and Wednesday—Work Days

  • Make sure players on both sides of the ball understand the game plan.

  • Work on special teams.

Tuesday builds on the lessons from Monday’s practice. Players should fine-tune their skills with the assignments given to them.

Wednesday is much the same. The player assignments must be perfectly executed—this is the time to address any final questions from players. Practice should be nearly mistake-free.


Thursday is when the team puts it all together. All assignments should be understood and any questions about roles should be answered.

Friday—Game Day

All the work you’ve put in during the week is now in action on the field.

Hudl’s reports allow you to take your practices to the next level. Thanks to the insights these stats provide, you can better tailor your practices to truly be ready for the upcoming opponent.

Hudl has the following pre-designed reports for you to use:


  • Summary

  • Down & Distance

  • Field Zone

  • Formation

  • Hit Chart


  • Blitz

  • Coverage

  • Defensive Front


  • Player Stats

Take Hudl reports even further with custom options. You can select any columns to examine further, then save your custom reports to use them over and over.

So, how do you run a walkthrough practice utilizing Hudl reports? Let's chat.

Anthony Stone is a Physical Education teacher in Rockford, IL and Quarterbacks Coach at Boylan High School. He was also the Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach for the Women’s Australian National Outback 2017 Team and writes blogs for Firstdown Playbook.

In July 2016, he was named to the Hudl 100 list. He has presented at IAPHERD, the top physical education convention in Illinois, on how to get students moving with his Games Galore presentations. He has also presented at the Chicago Glazier Clinics on quarterbacks & special teams. He was the defensive coordinator for the 2010 U.S. Women’s National Tackle Football Team, winners of the IFAF Women’s World Championship in which Team USA won its three games by a combined score of 201-0. Stone has coached in the CIFL and the IWFL Leagues as well as Beloit College (linebackers/special teams coordinator) and Rockford University (quarterbacks/wide receivers).

Stone has also coached football at the youth, middle school and high school level. He will be putting on fundamental youth football camps around the world in 2017. Please contact him to bring his “Back to the Basics Football Camp” to a city near you.

Follow him on Twitter @Coach_Stone_MT.