Brandon Houston Talks About How CoachHuey.Com Became an Essential Resource for Coaches

The founder opens up on why he started the website and how it’s impacted him as a coach.

Brandon Houston Talks About How CoachHuey.Com Became an Essential Resource for Coaches

The founder opens up on why he started the website and how it’s impacted him as a coach.

When Brandon Houston created back in 2005, he had absolutely no idea what a resource it would become. He just wanted to create a space where coaches could discuss trends and bounce ideas off one another.

What emerged is one of the most popular coaching forums on the Internet. More than 43,000 people participate in hundreds of threads every day, with topics ranging from recruiting, platooning players, clinic recommendations and much, much more.

Hudl Radio caught up with the site’s founder, Brandon Houston, to talk about the site’s success and what he’s learned. Houston, who also serves as the offensive coordinator at Rockdale High School in Texas, talked about how he started the website (2:00), what types of things coaches discuss there (5:00), the most innovative ideas he’s seen (9:30) and the connections the site has helped him make (14:00).

Here are a few snippets of the podcast. The entire episode can be found on SoundCloud or iTunes.

What are the most popular topics that you see, or categories that tend to draw a lot of conversation?

“I think it kind of goes with the year. During the football season, it’s RPOs (run-pass options) because all the colleges are running those. It’s defending RPOs and executing RPOs. And then here a little bit later it’ll be offseason programs and sets and reps. And then obviously things about, what do you do in the summer to build team camaraderie? It’s really pretty broad and it kind of mirrors life, if you will. 

Just things that we see, either things that colleges are doing or our areas. Maybe someone from Ohio sees several schools there doing something with the Shotgun Wing T, and that’ll start popping up and it’ll spread to others. They’ll start reading it and they want to know more about it. It’s kind of all over, really.”

As a coach, how often do you find yourself taking things that you see, tips or tricks or formations, and implementing them into your coaching workflow?

“There’s one story I can remember early on. This is when I was at Belton the first time and I didn’t have a two-point chart. I said, ‘Where’s my two-point chart?’ So I just went on my website and did a search for a two-point chart, you know, when to go for two. There were about eight posts with a link to a file or someone just typed it in. I always thought that was kind of funny.”

What are some of the most interesting or innovative ideas you’ve seen coaches bring up on CoachHuey?

“I really firmly believe that a lot of offensive football that you see, even at the NFL level, it starts in the grassroots. The other day we were talking in the coaches’ office, saying ‘We sure do call a lot of bold plays at the JV, because there’s not as big of a risk. Then when it works, you put it on the varsity.’ It’s almost a trickle up, and I think a lot of people have the new triple option football, the zone read, RPO-type stuff. It’s just option football but at at whole different phase. It’s option football going vertical instead of horizontal, and I think that’s pretty innovative when you look at how that spawned so many different variations. All it was was option football from the old wishbone days that has expanded. 

I see stuff all the time. The new thing now is the power read with the back on the side the read is going to, so it looks like you’re running speed option. But you’re blocking it like a power read. I look at things like that and put them in my pocket for when I need something special.”

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