Hudl Helps Organize All Pieces of a Successful New York Program

Half Hollow Hills West’s coach­ing staff incor­po­rat­ed Hudl into near­ly every process, a tac­tic that has paid off.

Hudl Helps Organize All Pieces of a Successful New York Program

Half Hollow Hills West’s coach­ing staff incor­po­rat­ed Hudl into near­ly every process, a tac­tic that has paid off.

A coach­ing vet­er­an of 12 years, Chris Blumenstetter has seen just about every­thing dur­ing his career. Now the wide receivers coach at Half Hollow Hills West High School in New York, Blumenstetter has worked with a litany of coach­es, expe­ri­enced count­less philoso­phies and beheld just about every tech­nol­o­gy inno­va­tion in the sport.

But Blumenstetter’s career tru­ly changed when he encoun­tered Hudl about five years ago. The ease with which he could dis­cov­er sea­son-alter­ing insights and inter­act with his team for­ev­er changed how Blumenstetter approached his craft.

You can lit­er­al­ly run your entire pro­gram from Hudl,” Blumenstetter said. It’s a one-stop shop for every­thing you need.”

We caught up with Blumenstetter to unpack the dif­fer­ent ways the Colts, who won at least eight games for the fourth straight sea­son, used Hudl to take the pro­gram to a new level.

Save Yourself Some Time

The days of dri­ving hun­dreds of miles to meet up with the oppos­ing head coach and exchange DVDs are extinct. Hudl allows video to be trad­ed in a mat­ter of sec­onds, sup­ply­ing both coach­es with valu­able infor­ma­tion for the upcom­ing game. It’s got­ten to the point where if the oppos­ing coach hasn’t sent his video by Saturday after­noon, Blumenstetter starts to get annoyed.

He incor­po­rates Hudl into every part of his work­flow. He boasts he can tag six games in the car dur­ing a road trip, and even coach­ing meet­ings have been simplified.

Now, I’m draw­ing out a play and we’re hav­ing a staff meet­ing on the speak­er­phone and I’m anno­tat­ing plays and we can all see it,” Blumenstetter said. We use Google Hangouts, so we basi­cal­ly video con­fer­ence our entire Sunday meet­ings with the staff. We anno­tate the screen so we don’t even have to meet anymore.”

Make Adjustments on the Fly

Few pro­grams have tak­en to Hudl Sideline as quick­ly and firm­ly as Half Hollow Hills West, and the Colts are reap­ing the ben­e­fits. Blumenstetter and his fel­low coach­es are con­stant­ly mak­ing mid-game adjust­ments, and instead of just telling the play­ers what to do, they’re able to actu­al­ly show them.

It slows the game down for every­body,” Blumenstetter said. When the offense is on the field, the defense is meet­ing and break­ing down the last series. Sometimes things don’t go exact­ly the way you planned all week. Sometimes you’re get­ting a dif­fer­ent look. Instead of going to a white­board, we’re going to the video. When you ask a kid, What tech­nique are they play­ing on you?’, you can get nine dif­fer­ent answers. You don’t even have to ask kids any­more. You just see it on the screen.”

Hudl has lit­er­al­ly won us three games over the last two years.”

The Colts have flat screen TVs on the side­line dur­ing games. Both the play­ers and coach­es are see­ing what needs to be cor­rect­ed in real time, mak­ing series-to-series adjust­ments much more effective.

So pro­fi­cient has Blumenstetter become with Sideline that he’s helped coach­es from oth­er schools get their setups off the ground.

When we show the clips at half­time on the flat screen, it’s per­fect,” he said. It’s not an issue of your guys not being able to per­form. They’re just screw­ing up an assign­ment, and that’s an easy fix. It’s not that they can’t do it phys­i­cal­ly. It’s a men­tal mis­take, and being able to fix mis­takes with video evi­dence changes the game.”

Dominate with Data

The coach­es at Half Hollow Hills West are big believ­ers in num­bers. Blumenstetter dives into every lev­el of the data, min­ing for tiny details that could make a big dif­fer­ence Friday night.

The minu­ti­ae that you can get into with the reports and the ten­den­cies and the user-friend­ly inter­face,” Blumenstetter said. It just keeps get­ting bet­ter. It’s just so helpful.”

The bonus is every­thing is con­nect­ed to video. One click is all that sep­a­rates the Colts coach­es from a com­plete playlist of every video clip asso­ci­at­ed with each statistic.

Want to see every pass your team has thrown on third down this sea­son? How about your oppo­nents’ ten­den­cies in the red zone, or every rush by your team in last game’s fourth quar­ter? All that video can be quick­ly and eas­i­ly accessed.

I find every­thing valu­able, from an offense’s ten­den­cies to your own ten­den­cies to a sta­tis­ti­cal break­down on field posi­tion,” Blumenstetter said. You can real­ly break down a team with two or three reports and set up an entire prac­tice. My prac­tice scripts are run through Hudl. My scout team is run through Hudl. It’s everything.”

Blumenstetter and Half Hollow Hills West have found all kinds of val­ue in using Hudl — they basi­cal­ly run their pro­gram through it. You can have that same pow­er at your fin­ger­tips. Make changes on the fly with Sideline or get data deliv­ered to you through Assist.