Hudl Assist: Coaches Speak Out

Basketball coaches share how Assist empowered them during its first season.

Hudl Assist: Coaches Speak Out

Basketball coaches share how Assist empowered them during its first season.



“Coaching necessity.”

These are just a few of the ways basketball coaches described their first season with Hudl Assist. Tested last fall, Assist was expected to be an efficient tool that delivered accurate breakdowns to coaches in a short amount of time. The response was tremendous, as coaches raved about Assist’s dependability, functionality and ability to save time.

By breaking down game video and supplying coaches with valuable data, Assist helped teams across the country make crucial, sometimes season-altering improvements. Instead of tagging a game themselves, coaches simply submit video to Hudl Assist and have the complete breakdown sent back within 24 hours. This ensured greater accuracy of stats while gifting coaches back the time they so desperately crave.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. We surveyed 40 coaches who tried out Assist last year to get their thoughts on what worked, what didn’t and how impactful it was. Here’s what they had to say.

Major Time Saver

Thirty-four of the 40 responders (85 percent) reported that Assist saved them at least three hours per week, and 75 percent said they spent more time watching video because of Assist. Because they didn’t have to tag the games themselves, coaches were free to allot more resources towards examining the statistics and video to improve their squads.

Several coaches relished the ability to notice a flaw in practice, call the player over and show them the error from game video on an iPad. This allowed for better individual teaching and corrected mistakes on the fly. It also increased the buy-in from the players.

Assist also made highlights much simpler to create. Rather than sifting through hours of game video, coaches were able to recall the season’s top moments in a few clicks, making the highlight-creation process a breeze. Whether constructing a scouting film, a recruiting highlight or an end-of-season celebration, coaches needed much less time to build their video.

Speed Guaranteed

We promise a 24-hour turnaround for games, but most results come sooner than that. The average turnaround time was 10.6 hours, meaning if a coach turned in video the night of a game, there’s a good chance their breakdown was waiting for them the following morning.

Not only is Assist fast, but it’s also reliable. 99.7 percent of last season’s 2,225 games were returned within the 24-hour window, and several coaches noted that Assist’s speed was among their favorite aspects of the new service.

“It certainly made my life and my assistant’s lives easier.” Ohio high school coach

Accuracy Ensured

Not only was Assist fast, but it was reliable. 99.94 percent of games registered a quality rating of at least 96 percent, and all but one of the coaches said Assist helped their team improve.

The stats generated by Assist’s breakdowns helped coaches discover areas where their team excelled and situations in which they needed to improve. The statistics are automatically linked to video, allowing coaches to instantly pull up their team’s transition points, an opponent’s offensive rebounds or a certain shooter’s attempts from the right corner, just to provide a few examples.

Many coaches have an assistant keep track of stats during games. With Assist, that coach is free to watch the contest more closely and spend more time interacting with players.

Assist’s first season proved to be a major help for coaches. Thanks to the time saved and the thorough, accurate stat breakdowns, teams were able to show great improvement with Hudl’s help.

Want to see the power of Assist for yourself? Give it a shot.

“There is no doubt we won two to three extra games because of film work with Hudl.” Illinois high school coach

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