Hudl Assist: It Only Feels Like “Cheating”

With quick access to detailed breakdowns, one North Carolina coach almost feels guilty.

Hudl Assist: It Only Feels Like “Cheating”

With quick access to detailed breakdowns, one North Carolina coach almost feels guilty.

Money can cure a lot of ills, but it cannot buy back time. It’s an invaluable resource that coaches simply don’t have enough of, something Lumberton High School (N.C.) football coach Mike Setzer knows all too well.

But Setzer has found a way to steal some time back in the opening weeks of the season. By submitting his games to Hudl Assist, Setzer is spared the task of tagging his games himself. Instead, he’s handed a detailed statistical report that gives him a head start on next week’s game plan.

‘You can’t put a price on time,” Setzer said. “Winning is finding the right kind of time. This thing right here allows you to have that time, time on your hands to put a game plan together.

“It almost feels like we’re cheating sometimes.”

A father of two college football players, Setzer’s weekends tend to be hectic. Setzer estimates that Assist gives him back four to five hours each weekend, which is critical for him and his staff.

“It’s amazing. We can relax on the weekends,” Setzer said. “My wife and I can see our sons with the knowledge that stuff is done for me. When we come back we’re ready to roll. It really helps us out as a staff. It helps us out all weekend to be able to enjoy our families.”

That’s one of the big things we stress here: Get time with your family when you can. It allows us to be family men. I don’t think you can put a value on that.” Mike Setzer, Lumberton High School head coach

But it’s not just time saved that has Setzer excited. The detailed breakdowns Assist provides have allowed for deeper dives into his team’s strengths and weaknesses, giving Setzer the ability to more effectively tailor his practices and game plans.

“We can see all the tendencies,” he said. “I want to know what they’re doing on the right hash on third down. It’s just more detailed with those reports. We have a crew that scouts teams ahead of us, but this report already gives us that scout ability before we play anybody. That’s been really huge for us.”

Setzer admits he was skeptical when he first heard of Assist, but he was quickly won over by its accuracy and turnaround time. Soon after receiving his first breakdown, he fired off an email to a fellow coach recommending he sign up.

Mike Setzer (center) estimates that Assist saves him four or five hours each week.

He was too late. His friend was already engaged with Assist and the two spent the day brainstorming ideas on the things Assist allows them to do.

“It’s been really good. I don’t have anything negative to say about it,” Setzer said. “It’s been a great, great assistant for us so far.”

See what kind of time Assist can save you. Give it a try.

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