This ground-breaking study shows the game of football is changing at a faster rate than ever seen.

Here at Hudl, we’re all about helping coaches level up and win. We’re constantly searching for ways to get more information and insights to coaches that will help them take that next step.

That’s why we’re so excited to partner with X&O Labs in creating the 2017 Football Trends Report. X&O Labs used Hudl to create detailed breakdowns based on formation type, play design, strategy and more. This report will look at the five most trending topics that X&O Labs uncovered during the 2016 season and how they will affect the game moving forward.

Generated from X&O Labs’ network of over 50,000 coaches, each of these trends contain game video from high school and college programs across the country. It’s the type of deep dive you likely won’t find anywhere else.

The report will be available on the Hudl blog on March 30 and you can receive it for free! Just sign up for our newsletter and we'll email you this powerful new study directly to your inbox.

Update: The report is now live and can be found here