How to Dominate Your Volleyball Preseason with Hudl

We have the tips and tricks to help you get prepared for the upcoming season by focusing on technique training and team identity. 

How to Dominate Your Volleyball Preseason with Hudl

We have the tips and tricks to help you get prepared for the upcoming season by focusing on technique training and team identity. 

The start of high school volleyball season is right around the corner, and a strong preseason plan is the foundation for a great 2016 season.

Here are the three things you should focus on to make sure your team is ready to dominate.

Focus on the Details using Hudl Technique

Preseason is the time to focus on individual skill development without the pressure of planning for the next match. Work with individual groups (i.e. passers, setters, middles) and breakdown the intricacies of each skill set.

Instant access to video analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to make immediate improvements. Using Hudl Technique, you’re able film a player and immediately show him or her the clip in slow motion. You can also send video to your players after practice with notes for review at home.

I have used this in the past to break down a player’s toss when working on a jump serve. I think it is extremely important to keep the arm you’re tossing the ball with straight to create a more consistent toss. 

For example, I was working with a girl on her toss and she kept breaking her elbow. She was working extremely hard to improve but she wasn’t making progress. Frustration started to build. I quickly grabbed my iPad and opened Hudl Technique and filmed her next toss. When I pulled her over and showed her on the video when she was breaking her elbow, her face lit up and I could see a light bulb go off in her head. That’s the power of video.

The use of video analysis doesn’t stop there. Here are some other ways you can implement it on your own.

  • Setters - Squaring to the pin, finishing their set, and set trajectory/end location.
  • Middle Blockers - Blocking footwork (especially negative steps), and approach footwork - making sure the hitter is in the air when the ball is in the setters hand.
  • Approach footwork - Sequence of steps, using your arms and hand positioning on contact.
  • Serving - Toss technique and toss location, contact point and follow through

Don’t let this list limit you. Get creative and use Hudl Technique in the best way for your team.

Use Stats and Reports to Build your Strongest Lineup

Volleyball matches are won and lost by a few points as a result of a few rotations. Numbers never lie. Use them to your advantage to figure out who should start and in what rotations to find the greatest success.

Our reports page breaks down individual stats, team stats, and rotational success rates to give you a better understanding of your team’s strengths and weaknesses. All of these stats are automatically linked to the corresponding video clips and can be sent to specific groups or individuals with notes attached for review.

Let our reports help you unlock your best lineup, so you can start the season with a win.

Create a Team Identity

It is important for teams to identify their strengths and weakness early in the season so they can create a team identity. Decide what type of team you want to be heading into preseason so you can work on those skills.  

For example, if you have an undersized team that doesn’t have much of a block or big hitters, your team identity should focus on ball control, defense, minimizing unforced hitting errors and serving aggressively. Heading into the preseason, have your team set goals that are in line with your team identity. Using the goal section of our reports page, you can track your performance week over week to show your team. This is a great tool for team review before and after matches.

Here is an example of how I would set my goals using the same example team I mentioned above.

  • Passing average above 2.0
  • Our hitting percentage above .250
  • Serve percentage above 85%
  • Opponents passing average under 1.7

Now is the time to start planning for success. Here’s a checklist to help get you ready for the start of the season. 

  • If you aren’t already, make sure you find the best live stat app that works for you and your team. 
  • Find and train people on your staff who will be dedicated to keep your live stats this season. Let them practice before the season by setting up a few scrimmages. 
  • Click here for more information on each app, with sign-ups for free webinars to help you get started.
  • Download Hudl Technique and get to work coaching up your athletes before your season starts.
  • Make sure your athletes and coaches are connected using Hudl. Get their accounts set up now so they are familiar with Hudl in the preseason.

Now you’re ready to get out there and dominate the preseason. 

If you don’t have Hudl, head to our web site for a closer look at our performance analysis tools.

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