How Hudl Can Help the Four Corners of Football Development

Learn how Hudl can help your program develop in each of the Four Corners.

How Hudl Can Help the Four Corners of Football Development

Learn how Hudl can help your program develop in each of the Four Corners.

In order for teams to improve, it’s crucial that individual players constantly develop. There’s a limited amount of time for coaches to talk with players during matches, so football coaches (more so than other sports) need to be sure their players develop in the right ways. Learn how Hudl can help your program develop in each of the Four Corners.

1. Technical

The technical corner is all about the fundamental skills on the ball: passing, heading, crossing and more. Hudl makes it easy to analyse the technical parts of the game with video review, from overall performance down to the fine details. Once you can actually see what your team is doing on video, the bigger picture starts coming together.

Our scrubbing tool allows you to skim through video so you can quickly get to the most important moments. Review transitions in and out of possession, during the attack or on the defensive side.

Key events, like restarts or corner kicks, can be grouped into custom playlists. Use a computer or iPad to mark when important moments happen so you can quickly jump to those events in the video. Coaches and players can seamlessly analyse headers, set plays, shots on goal and other areas of the game.

2. Psychological

Football coaches need to equip their team with the right information so players can make confident decisions on the pitch. That’s where Hudl comes in.

When you see areas for improvement, corrections that need to be made, or want to congratulate a job well done, leave a note or drawing on the video. Draw lines to show where an athlete can make a run, add a note on how players should position themselves for a corner kick, or point out what went well on a counter-attack.

Notes and drawings can be added to video from any computer or iPad. Sharing those coaching points with players is easy, and makes communicating a breeze. The best part? Players and coaches can access them from any computer or mobile device.

3. Physical

It’s important players master the physical part of the game and learn how to use those skills to their advantage. Video analysis allows you take a closer look at the effort players are giving, how fast they’re accelerating to the ball, and how they’re positioning their feet in 1-on-1 play.

Being able to point out each player’s strengths and weaknesses will have a tremendous impact on the match strategy. Analysing the physical aspect of the game can help players realise what their talents are, and where they can make the most difference on the team.

If you want to go into greater detail, use Hudl Technique for a close-up look at footwork, placement on the ball and other focus areas. This free app allows you to view playback in slow motion, giving you the ability to make corrections to the fine details and track progress throughout the season.

4. Social

Sometimes, the biggest way to help a team improve is to create cohesion between its members. Hudl simplifies communication between the entire team, but there’s more you can do to encourage unity.

Each player in Hudl automatically gets a profile page, dedicated to showing off their best moments as highlights. Tagging a highlight only takes a few moments, and once it’s tagged, it’s automatically added to that athlete’s profile. Teammates, family, friends and recruiters have an easy way to see players in action.

Teammates can also follow each other in the Hudl Feed. They can keep up with any highlights being created and react to updates from fellow players. They can also follow accounts dedicated to helping them improve.

If you’re interested in learning more about our tools, visit Our sales team is happy to talk with you more in-depth, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

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