Learn how to create highlights and share recruiting packages with college coaches — right from your Hudl account.

Enable the Athlete Recruiting Profile

Athletes can opt-in to recruiting to allow their Hudl profile to be viewed by registered recruiters. This is the best way to let programs know what skills they bring to the table.

Tagging Team & Athlete Highlights

Help your team and athletes celebrate the great moments by adding highlights on Hudl.

Creating a Premium Highlight

Celebrate your team’s best moments with highlights on Hudl and even add music, photos or slides to help tell the full story.

Sending a Recruiting Package with Hudl

Send highlights and game footage to college coaches to help your athletes get recruited. Only team administrators will be able to send a recruiting package.

How Coaches Can Help Athletes Get Recruited

From creating and sharing highlights to preparing recruiting packages, coaches can be their athletes’ top advocates with recruiting tools on Hudl. Here’s how you can make a difference for your players.

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