Video can help your club in so many ways — we have the tes­ti­mo­ni­als to prove it. Read what fellow coaches and directors have to say.

Your club team is ready to take off.

You’ve established a strong infrastructure, hired smart, capable coaches and developed rosters that will get your club on the map.

But you might still be missing the last piece of the puzzle, the element that’ll bring everything together. It can help you recruit new talent to your club, develop your players and get them recruited by colleges.

The answer is video—here’s a few ways it can make a difference for your program.

Get Your Club Noticed

Success in the club circuit is defined by identifying, recruiting and developing talented players, which in turn attracts more skilled athletes to your club. Highlight videos can help put your athletes on the map and spotlight your club’s strengths.

And when prospective players realize you use Hudl, they’ll be drawn to your club.

“What happens is these kids will talk to their friends and they’ll be like, ‘What? I didn’t know you could (create highlights)!’ Michael Adams, the director of the Princeton Volleyball club (N.J.), said. “It’s the little things that make the difference between the smaller clubs and the bigger clubs. The ones that are trying to help the players advance quicker and get them to a level where they can play at the next level. It’s been so well-received.”

Develop Your Players

Attracting talented players to your club isn’t enough, however. Those athletes need to feel confident you can help them improve and prepare for the next level.

Video is the perfect tool to help them do that. By creating a culture where athletes crave video, you can actually show them what needs to be improved versus simply telling them.

“At 17, the players can watch a match by themselves,” Jay Felch, a coach in the NorCal Volleyball Club (Pleasanton, Calif.), said. “They know what to look for. That’s one of the things we train. We want them to have a high volleyball IQ and they have to see stuff and help themselves as much as coaches pointing stuff out.”

Help Athletes Get to the Next Level

As your players improve, they’re going to have better chances of getting seen by college recruiters. This doesn’t occur by happenstance, however—you need an effective way to quickly catch a coach or scout’s attention.

Highlight videos work wonders. A few clips showcasing an athlete’s skills will catch recruiters’ attention and make them want to see more.

“We sent the Hudl video from one of our girls to Ball State. She was 13-years old and Ball State ended up coming to watch her play,” Caleb Sheffield, a coach in the Southern Kentucky Elite club, said. “We are using it and we are definitely planning on using it more in the future.”

Hudl is the best way to push your club to the next level—we’re here to help you get started.