Get Noticed with Hudl Combine

Hudl and Nike are partnering to create a new way for football athletes to prove themselves.

Get Noticed with Hudl Combine

Hudl and Nike are partnering to create a new way for football athletes to prove themselves.

Helping our athletes take their game to the next level is at the heart of what we do–making tools that allow every athlete, no matter who they are or where they live, to get noticed. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Nike in creating a new way for football athletes to prove themselves and advance to the next level.

Introducing Hudl Combine

Hudl Combine is an app that allows Hudl football athletes to test their athletic ability and compare scores with athletes across the country, including their own teammates. Using the free iOS app, athletes can record and test their vertical, 40-yard dash, agility shuttle, and power ball toss or bench press.

The app will return a precise score for each event and combine those totals to calculate a Nike+ Football Rating. Verified results from each event can also be posted to the athlete’s Hudl profile for a more complete list of vitals - totally worth it on the recruiting front.

Maybe extra recruiting attention isn’t on your radar, or a trip to The Opening seems like a stretch. That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from Hudl Combine. In fact, you could end up using it more often than the guys who want that invite. Record your events one week to get an initial rating, then spend a month working out and do it all over again. In addition to competing against your teammates and other athletes across the country, striving to outdo yourself is the ultimate motivator to improve.

The Road to The Opening Starts with Combine

The Opening Finals is held every July at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon. The top 166 high school football players in the nation are invited to learn from the best coaches and NFL athletes, while competing head-to-head in a two-day 7-on-7 tournament and the Final 5 Linemen Challenge.

In the past, nearly 15,000 athletes a year have been able to get their Nike+ Football Rating by attending combine events in the largest cities across the U.S. With Combine, millions of athletes will be able to test themselves and get an official Nike+ Football Rating anytime, anywhere. By giving athletes the ability to constantly test and improve, the road to The Opening is now in the hands of the athlete without the hurdles of location and time. Hudl Combine has become the digital ticket to The Opening.

Watch and Improve

Coming soon, the app will provide training videos from the best Nike athletes and coaches, focused on improving in each of the testing events.

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