Get More out of Video with Hudl Assist

We want­ed to pass along a few hints at what our Hudl Assist users love most.

Get More out of Video with Hudl Assist

We want­ed to pass along a few hints at what our Hudl Assist users love most.

In 2015, we released a beta ver­sion of Hudl Assist. It’s a ser­vice for bas­ket­ball coach­es, where we do the heavy lift­ing by adding team and play­er stats to game video — all with­in 24 hours. We kept the beta rel­a­tive­ly small to ensure the prod­uct was per­fect before releas­ing it to all bas­ket­ball coach­es. We’ve received awe­some feed­back so far, and we want­ed to pass along a few hints at what our beta users love most.

Get a complete breakdown of team and player stats, fast

Adding team and play­er stats to video is easy, but it’s no secret that hav­ing some­one add those stats for you saves a ton of time.

Coaches use stats to ana­lyze every angle of the game, down to the fine details in a sin­gle matchup or trends tak­ing shape through­out the sea­son. With team and play­er stats, coach­es can find areas for improve­ment, take advan­tage of each player’s strengths, and have total con­fi­dence in a revamped game plan.

Work faster with a 24-hour turnaround

It doesn’t mat­ter if it’s the first game of the sea­son or your team is prep­ping for the play­offs, when we say 24 hours, we mean it. So far, we’ve been able to return 99.9% of sub­mit­ted games in under 24 hours. Our beta teams have been blown away with the con­sis­ten­cy of this turn­around time, and we plan to keep it up once Hudl Assist is avail­able for all coaches.

We stick to this time frame for one sim­ple rea­son: The soon­er you get stats, the soon­er you can ana­lyze, and the soon­er you can improve.

Dig into advanced reports

Once stats are com­plete, Hudl will auto­mat­i­cal­ly gen­er­ate reports that give you crit­i­cal infor­ma­tion about the entire team and indi­vid­ual players.

Break down per­for­mance with sec­ond chance points and Four Factor stats, or pin­point your team’s hotspots with shot charts. Use mul­ti-game reports to track shot loca­tions across sev­er­al games, or dig into sin­gle games with inter­ac­tive shot charts that link to those moments in the video.

When it comes to advanced reports, that’s real­ly just the begin­ning.This blog can fill you in on the rest.

Video is great for ana­lyz­ing bas­ket­ball pat­terns, but stats allow you to get so much more. If you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing more, vis­it hud​las​sist​.com or leave a comment.