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New to Sportscode: Export from Movie Organizer and Sorter to Hudl

Distributing valuable insight to coaches and players is faster and easier than ever.

Our latest update to Sportscode 11 makes it easier than ever to distribute video to your staff and players. Now you can export from the movie organizer and sorter to Hudl, allowing you to share insights directly with them. It’s been one of our most requested features, and we’re excited to release it with the latest update.

Check out the new feature in action:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click Export to Hudl from the sorter or movie organizer window. Your video will be processed and a browser window will open automatically.
  2. Select your exported file location and start the upload.
  3. Name the video and set permissions.

From here, you can share the playlist with anyone on your account. It’s really that simple. We want to make the process of distributing valuable insights with staff and players as seamless as possible. 

Try out the new workflows using these tutorials as a guide:
- Movie Organizer
- Sorter

Only a single angle of video can be exported right now, but we give the ability to choose which angle you want to upload and share. All drawings and image slides are also included in your export, but you have the option to hide instance notes you don’t want others to see.

To make it even easier to study your video anywhere, our latest update to the Hudl app allows you to download any playlist for offline viewing, including movie organizer and sorter uploads.

Ready to distribute your video and analysis? Contact us about how Hudl can make your analysis easier to access.