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Introducing Document and File Sharing through Hudl

You can now host all of your analysis files and video using Hudl - allowing you to share all relevant information with your team in one place.

We know that the evaluation and preparation process in a modern analysis department means reviewing more than just video.

Whether you’re working with an individual player on skill development or preparing your team for an upcoming match, you use a variety of tools and formats to effectively communicate your message.

From presentation decks and opposition reports to event-specific code windows, all are crucial to your preparation and evaluation. Managing and distributing all that content to right members of your team is crucial. Even more important is ensuring the right message, with proper context, is seen by all parties. That’s what makes an analysis department run efficiently.

With Hudl, we’re ensuring that you have the ability to seamlessly grant access to relevant content your team needs to prepare and compete.  

So, we’re expanding your account to host more than just video.

Now you can host and share documents and files to your team on Hudl.

The Rise of the Consolidated Analysis Environment

Over the last several years, we’ve seen growth in accessible technology. That’s led to a rise in the overall level of play– giving perceived underdogs the opportunity to bring the best out of their players and outperform their competition.

Along the way we’ve seen teams trying to use a variety of tools and new technologies together to prepare for games. The result has been clunky, inefficient workflows.

Hudl allows teams to bring all the activity, supporting files and discussion around your performance to a central place online

For example, say you want to share a PDF of a scouting report of your next opponent with a player or position group to review. In that report, you can link to specific clips, so individuals can move seamlessly from the report to the video without leaving Hudl just by clicking. And just like any uploaded video, you can add labels to associate the file to a specific event or person.

Finally, we know security is important. So we’re giving you control over who has access to your files. You will be able to manage permissions on any file in your library. This will ensure the right content is available for the right people to see.

Learn more about what Hudl can do for you, or contact us to get started today.

This functionality is available is only available in Platinum and higher packages. Contact your representative directly about upgrading