Meet Focus Flex: the all-new portable smart camera from Hudl.

In 2018, we introduced Focus Indoor, our auto-tracking camera for high school gyms. Basketball and volleyball coaches loved how the automatic recording and uploading saved them time.

Earlier in 2021, we introduced Focus Outdoor, our smart camera system for stadiums. Football users are loving the integration with their Hudl libraries, the scoreboard overlay and the option to livestream.

And now? The newest member of the team is suiting up. Introducing: Hudl Focus Flex, our portable camera system that’s designed to make it easy for soccer teams to record and upload film on the go.

Changing the Club Soccer Game

We know clubs have been looking for a better way to record their games. It can be a challenge to get the job done, and many coaches don’t bother worrying about it. But with Focus, your entire coaching workflow will get a competitive edge.

We designed Focus Flex with soccer coaches in mind. And since it’s directly linked to Hudl, you’ll have everything you need for video analysis. 

It only takes a few steps to set up, then you control when to start and stop recording from the Hudl app. You don’t need a camerperson because the camera follows the action on the pitch all on its own. And after the game, it automatically uploads to Hudl, so everyone on the team will have access to video review without you having to spend hours in your office manually uploading or waiting on processing times.

Once the video is on Hudl, the real magic begins. You’ll have HD video to teach your athletes how to improve. Plus with high quality video, you’ll get more accurate stats from Hudl Assist. Our analysts will give you the key numbers, organized in interactive reports, for each game. Use them to prep your game plan and help your players track progress and success.

Speaking of success, your players will be more likely to get noticed and reach the next level when they have video from Focus. They can combine it with Hudl’s recruiting tools to make shareable highlights to send to college scouts.

Want to livestream? Focus has that covered too. You’ll have multiple options to choose from—you’ll decide how you want fans and recruiters to be able to tune in.

This camera is built to last in every way. It’s battery-powered. The camera housing is weatherproof. It gets automatic updates when our team designs an improvement for the software. In other words, you can count on it to capture every moment.

How Focus Helps Club Directors

Hudl is your one-stop shop for everything video. We already had you covered with online analysis and coaching tools for all your teams, coaches and players to use. But now we’re going the extra mile to cover getting the film into Hudl. 

With automatic uploads, Focus gives your club immediate access to their film. And since Focus Flex is portable and extremely easy to set up, your coaches can even record and share training sessions. You’ll be able to add feedback, and since everyone at your club can be on Hudl, the best drills can get shared to everyone. 

Access to quality video will allow your coaches and teams to improve, help your student-athletes get recruited, and ensure your club gets noticed. This will ultimately drive the growth and success of your club.

Coming in 2022

But don’t worry, the time will fly by. In the meantime, sign up to be the first to know when Focus Flex will be available to order and get the opportunity to help us test it.

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