From smart cameras and instant replay, to broad­cast­ing and monetizing your video stream — these sessions will ensure you record and use your video to maximum effect.

Hudl Focus: Getting Started with the Smart Camera (Indoor and Outdoor)

Secured our smart camera for your team? Great. Here are all the details you need to go from unboxing the camera to recording.

Monetizing Your Broadcast

Strategies and tips for creating a premium viewing experience and maximizing your earning potential with your camera feed.

Getting Started with Hudl Focus Indoor

Make sure you account for each step when preparing your gym for Hudl Focus. Be sure to communicate with your facilities and IT teams for the best results.

Getting Started with Hudl Focus Outdoor

Use these instructions to install Hudl Focus at your stadium. Make sure to communicate with your facilities and IT teams for best results.

Installing, Mounting and Connecting the Hudl Focus Indoor Camera

Get instructions on how to install and mount your camera, followed by a quick walkthrough on connecting the device.

Broadcasting: Asheville High School

See how Ashville High School (Ala.) has been broad­cast­ing volleyball games with Hudl Focus and Open Broadcaster Software.

Broadcasting: Newark High School

Newark High School (Ohio) is broad­cast­ing its games using Hudl Focus and BlueFrame Production Truck to bring in additional revenue for the athletic department.

Setting Up Hudl Sideline

We’ll give you the rundown on how to set up and use our football instant replay system, no matter what package you have.