Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore Volleyball Club rely on video to help get their players recruited.

Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore & Academy Volleyball Club have become two of the elite clubs in California. These powerhouse clubs depend on video to get their players recruited.

“Getting your kids recruited, it starts with video, first and foremost.” Katie Pease, Absolute Volleyball Club Co-Director

Katie Pease said it best. As a coach who plays a key role in her players’ recruiting, she understands the value video brings to the table in helping players get to the next level.

“We have [college] coaches on our courts and that comes from the video that Hudl is able to streamline for us and for our athletes. That is where it starts,” Pease said.

With video, players can showcase their talent instantly.

“They have something that’s easy to use, accessible at a moment’s notice. They could put [themselves] in a college coach’s face and be like, ‘Look, here you go, this is me. Take a look at it and see if you like it,’” Jario Sierra, a technical director at Encore & Academy Volleyball Club, said. “I think for college coaches, that’s amazing for them.”

Jenna Ewert, an Absolute Volleyball Club player, is reaping the benefits of video firsthand. Like many of her teammates, she caught her future college coach’s eye initially through video.

“I sent video all the time to all the coaches because if they couldn’t come see you play, you had to give them a way to.” Ewert said. “Other college coaches that didn’t know about me saw and then became interested. So video was a very important pathway in my recruitment.”

Players are now able to take the initiative and influence their recruiting process in a way like never before. They have the power to control which plays are sent to college coaches.

“We are able to select specific rallies and specific moments of the games and of the practice and create the best video to show what they are able to do to every college coach,”  Marco Paglialunga, a technical director at Encore & Academy Volleyball Club, said.

Both Absolute Volleyball Club and Encore & Academy Volleyball Club have adopted video this year to help advance their players to the next level.

“The last two or three years I think we have struggled with, ‘OK, how do we get footage for our kids to send out to college coaches?’,” Konrad Ott, co-director and coach for Absolute Volleyball Club, said. “[Hudl] has made the college recruiting process so much easier. It’s been great. It’s really, I think, going to take us to the next level.”

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