Basketball: New and Improved in 2015

We spent the entire offseason working to make Hudl better. From new web tools to better reports, we have a lot to talk about.

Basketball: New and Improved in 2015

We spent the entire offseason working to make Hudl better. From new web tools to better reports, we have a lot to talk about.

This article is directly related to the new platform we released last season. If you’re currently on Classic and interested in making the switch, contact our support team. We’re happy to discuss the differences and determine your optimal setup.

The offseason is typically seen as a time to relax – take a few months off to reenergize and come back for another round of games and practices feeling 100%. We’re feeling pretty close to that, but not because we took any time off. In fact, we spent the entire offseason working to make Hudl better. From new web tools to better reports, we have a lot to talk about.

Check the video for a quick overview, then keep reading for details.

What’s new

For starters, the ability to create and delete playlists is now available on the web. Previously, these options were only available on iOS.

We’re not big on choosing favorites, but if we had to pick one update we’re most excited about, it’s the advanced stats - a whole new list is automatically generated for every game. Transition points, second chance points, points in the paint, points per possession and effective field goal percentage are all ready to study once team stats are tagged.

You can also edit or add new team stats as part of the player stats workflow. Last season, once a stat was tagged, that was that - there was no easy way to correct mistakes. That’s not the case this time around.

Before we forget: You can tag charges, too.

Once those stats are tagged, you’re ready to watch the game. If there’s ever a point where you’d like a better view on iOS, double-tap the screen to zoom in. To zoom out, just double-tap a second time. (This update applies to coaches and athletes!)

What’s improved

How are you supposed to do any of the above without the video itself? You can’t. Which is why our upload tool is a lot smarter. If you record a game via iPad, the Hudl app will make sure a decent Wi-Fi connection is available before even attempting to upload. If the Wi-Fi is less than great, Hudl will store the video on your device. Once you connect to better Wi-Fi and reopen the app, the upload will begin all on its own.

Another thing we’ve made better since last season is sharing. Before, every video was automatically shared with the whole team. Now, once a video is created, coaches can choose to unshare with athletes to keep the video private among coaches. (We’re also working on the option to share with individuals. Keep an eye out for that over the next few months.)

If you ever took advantage of our notes and drawings, you might remember it was a separate workflow from adding team and player stats. This season, you have the option to do everything at once! As you go through to add stats after the game, you’ll see the text note, drawing and playlist icons mid-stat. We realized how crazy it was to make you wait. Now, as soon as you think of a coaching point, throw it in and get back to tagging.

What’s coming this season

The ability to tag team and player stats is coming to desktop. For coaches more comfortable getting things done via Mac or PC, an option to Tag the Video will appear on Upload your video from any iOS device or hard drive camera, and get to work compiling full team and player stats.

We said reports were our favorite update, but there is one other feature that could give ‘em a run for their money: better highlights. First, coaches will be able to tag individual highlights from the web. This was already an option for athletes, but coaches were feeling left out, so we quickly made that a priority.

Speaking of priorities, team highlights are also in the works.

If you have any questions or run into trouble getting ready for another season, don’t hesitate to reach out. Good luck!

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