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Australian Rugby Union Signs with Sportscode and Hudl

<p>With new video tools and online sharing, Wallabies take new approach to performance analysis.</p>

Sydney, Australia – On the heels of the Wallabies’ second-place finish at the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the Australian Rugby Union has signed an agreement to make Sportscode its exclusive provider of performance analysis services.

A perennial power in the professional rugby world, the ARU joins hundreds of other elite programs in utilizing Sportscode tools to improve individual and team performance through video review. Current users include the Queensland Reds, Melbourne Rebels, Arsenal Football Club, 2015 NBA Champions the Golden State Warriors, and all AFL teams.

“As we sought a quality game analysis solution for the next four years, we were impressed by what was available from a number of providers,” said Ben Whitaker, ARU General Manager High Performance.

“We chose Sportscode as it provides seamless collaboration with athlete tracking and live statistics, acting as the ideal solution for all of our national teams, from the Qantas Wallabies, Sevens and Women’s teams to Schoolboys.”

With Australia on board, 19 of the 20 teams in last year’s Rugby World Cup now use Hudl products. 

With Sportscode, teams are able to analyze performance for a closer look at where they can continue to excel or improve, both during a match and in later review sessions. Advanced video capture, playback and data analysis tools allow coaches to make real-time adjustments based on opposition tactics and momentum. This is all delivered through a customised layout of the team’s most relevant statistics.

“We chose Sportscode as it provides seamless collaboration with athlete tracking and live statistics, acting as the ideal solution for all of our national teams.” Ben Whitaker, ARU General Manager High Performance

A high level of team-centric detail can also be applied to any piece of video, allowing for more complete and consistent remote instruction within the club.

“It’s great to have the Wallabies on board, and we’re excited to be a part of the future of Australian Rugby,” said Michael Conlan, Hudl Country Manager for Australia. “Hudl and Sportscode will not only help the Wallabies improve performance in 2016, but keep an eye on growing talent within the organisation. We’re thrilled to contribute to the 2019 World Cup campaign.”

Sportscode, a Sportstec product, is now supported by U.S.-based Hudl. Hudl is an online tool that allows coaches to edit and share match and practice video with other coaches, analysts and athletes. Video can also be customised with comments and drawings for more in-depth review of important moments, both as a team and individuals. Offering an affordable annual subscription, Hudl has become the go-to solution for every level of sport.

Hudl acquired Sportstec in July 2015, and has since worked to integrate the services offered by both companies. That integration allows Sportscode users to access all video and statistics from any computer or mobile device, enabling team and individual improvement beyond what’s accomplished in a match or practice. The ability to watch video and study statistics from anywhere in the world is key to allowing national organisations like the ARU to interact with players year-round – a task that was nearly impossible before.

Using Sportscode and Hudl together also provides an advantage in talent development. Coaches have full access to track the program’s most promising players as they advance from grassroots to the Wallabies.

“One of the most important elements of this system is the opportunity to look at future innovations,” said Whitaker. “The four-year agreement with Sportscode allows us to gain insight on the development of sports performance at all levels of the game.”